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August 2023

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Principal's Desk


Dear Parents,

As we stand on the threshold of August, unity and global engagement resonate throughout our vibrant school. The echoes of Independence Day still resound, uniting us in a patriotic spirit. Our tricolor fluttering, students’ unity, and cultural pride showcased the strength of our diversity.

In August, we hosted the IC3 conference, where 70+ global career counselors gathered. This event reinforced our commitment to guide students onto impactful paths, expanding our global network.

Independence Week burst with colors and discussions, celebrating the essence of our nation. CAS events nurtured holistic growth, shaping socially responsible individuals.

With September on the horizon, let’s carry forward unity and curiosity. Together, we’ll explore, learn, uplift, and embrace fresh opportunities.

Thank you for journeying with us. Here’s to the fulfillment and impact of the month ahead.

Ms. Baljeet Oberoi, Principal

Oakridge International School, Bachupally

Harmony and Heritage

Oakridge family came together to commemorate the 77th Independence Day of India with immense pride and joy. From vibrant performances to heartwarming moments, the spirit of patriotism filled the air, encapsulating the day when we united to honor our nation’s journey towards progress and unity.




Diverse Dreams, United Leadership

The Oakridge Affinity Club’s Investiture Ceremony is a moment of immense pride for the club and the school. The ceremony heralds the start of another year of student leadership, fostering engagement, and above all, promoting student agency.
The club’s dynamic forum ignites passions and sparks creativity in a wide range of fields, offering students ample opportunities to learn, grow, and make a meaningful impact. With a diverse focus on debate, culinary arts, LEO, entrepreneurship, event management, health and wellness, CAS, literary pursuits, SDGs, robotics, and much more, the club embraces a wealth of possibilities for all its members.


A fashionable commitment to a greener and brighter future

Our Cambridge Primary proudly presents the first-ever charity fashion show, “La moda – a sustainable style show.” Oakridgers confidently own the runway, showcasing their creativity with sustainable goods and upcycled clothing, emphasizing SDG-12 [Responsible Consumption and Production].

Events And



Book Lovers Day 

There is nothing as good as getting lost in delightful book’
Learners of PYP have celebrated Book Lovers Day by exchanging books with peers, buddy reading, read aloud and storytelling session, character camouflage activity where learners have created their favorite book character.

Speak To Lead 

Our CP students took the stage at “Speak to Lead,” a platform for students to showcase their speaking skills. They impressed us with their passion, potential, and insights into India’s rich history and culture.

Each One Teach One

Our Early Years students have embarked on an inspiring journey of empowerment through their initiative, “Each One Teach One.” They’re committed to uplifting our support staff by teaching them tailored language skills, enhancing communication and inclusivity. This reflects our values of empathy and knowledge pursuit. Their dedication fosters mutual respect, creating a more enriching and connected school community.

Creative Bee 

Our tiny tots took their tiny steps forward and made their first stage appearance with their mommy and daddy. It was a bliss to watch them singing rhymes and songs all dolled up in cute costumes. Such events help our young  learners to develop many skills  such as communication, imagination , creativity and public speaking.’ 



Student's Corner



Double Gold Glory

Tweesha Sinha, Grade 8 IGCSE, dominated at the 5th International Heros Taekwondo Championship in Malaysia. With two golds and one bronze, she’s a true martial arts champion!

Soulful Solo

Srimayi, our 9th grader, stole the show at the Dr. C. Narayana Reddy award ceremony, leaving the audience mesmerized with her soulful solo and duet performances alongside renowned music director Sri Koti. Congratulations on receiving the well-deserved trophy!



Ansh Beniwal, grade 11 student, just took second place at the HR Triathlon! We are proud of his hard work and dedication towards the sport.

Gallery Walk

Our learners from grade 1 and EYP2 hosted a gallery walk to present their projects on design thinking .


Game Changer Of Society

Commerce students showcased their knowledge & innovation! From impactful presentations on tech’s role in commerce to interactive quizzes & a live Stock Market Corner, the event unleashed a world of ideas. Working models of key concepts like GST, Digital Marketing, and more brought commerce to life!

Mr. Shreyas Reddy

Our students were privileged to engage in a captivating guest lecture by Shreyas Reddy, Founder & CEO of Infloo. His session on “Amplifying Influence Gateways” sparked inspiration and knowledge, guiding our students towards impactful pathways in the modern world.

Guest Lecture

Amplifying Influence


Social Purpose


Jashn – e – Zaiqa

India’s Culinary Voyage!

CBSE Grades 6-12 united for a cultural feast, celebrating diversity through flavors. With 21 stalls representing Indian states, students explored traditions, showcased skills, and raised funds for a noble cause. A fusion of taste, creativity, and purpose!

Honour Earth Campaign

Our 4th grader, Tiara Ghosh, shines like the sun, embodying a dedication to a sustainable future. With her campaign “Honour Earth,” she’s sowing seeds of change by planting 300 saplings around Pragati Nagar lake, in collaboration with a local NGO. Tiara’s impact doesn’t stop there – she distributed reusable cloth bags adorned with SDG goals at a charity fashion show, guiding us towards a greener, mindful tomorrow. 


IC3 Conference

Nurturing Dreams


Guiding Futures, Together

Over 70 career counselors from around the globe gathered for a pre-conference workshop. We are grateful to the IC3 Movement for organizing the event. We were proud to have played a role in supporting the work of career counselors around the globe.

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