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How to choose subjects for the IB Diploma Programme

  • 10 November 2022

Here are some guidelines that can help you choose the right subjects.

1. Discuss with your teachers

Your teachers likely know your strengths and weaknesses if you attend a school with limited class sizes and more personalized attention, like the best international schools. Being IB teachers, they are aware of what is expected of students and whether those expectations align with their academic goals. Teachers can guide you on what to take in the higher-level courses to maximize your score. If you’re having trouble deciding, ask them for help; as they’re a great academic resource.

2. Find your passion and interests

It can be challenging to decide about your future when you are about 16 or 17. While some students might already be certain of their academic interests, many others might be unsure of what their future holds. The best time to learn about yourself and what you like and don’t like is while you’re still in school. The IB is an excellent opportunity to test out a subject even if it doesn’t align with your career aspirations but you’re still eager to learn it. In IB, e.g., if you are interested in science but also have a passion for business, you can take economics in addition to your scientific classes to further your study of this area of interest. Nowadays, many companies want to hire individuals with a wide range of skills and attributes, so it may be beneficial to step outside of your comfort zone and pick up some new skills.

3. See what qualities universities demand

It should be simpler for you to choose your subjects if you already know what degree you want to study in college. The requirements for applicants vary amongst universities. For example, while some medical schools may require IB students to take biology, chemistry, and arithmetic at the HL level, others may still accept students who have completed these courses at the SL level. Do some homework on the universities you plan to apply to in the future so you may modify your course selection to increase your chances of getting accepted.


The IBDP subject selection process is crucial because it helps you move closer to your future goals. You must therefore choose it wisely. The given advice should assist you in selecting the appropriate subjects for the IB Diploma Programme.

Not to forget, parents might frequently feel it necessary to decide what their children should study. Of course, they only want the best for their child. But for parents, it is very important to know what the child is interested in or strong at. Express your confidence in the subjects you want to take and reassure them. Choosing a course that you find boring or excessively challenging will simply make you less demotivated, which could have a bad effect on your academic achievement.

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