• 25 March 2022

5 Reasons: Why swimming should be an integral part of growing up?

Swimming is without a doubt the most effective type of exercise for people of all ages in terms of keeping...

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  • 22 March 2022

The impact of participation in Art

Art Unlocks the Door to LearningResearch shows that two hours of arts participation each week improves our mental wellbeing. In...

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  • 16 March 2022

Is the GenZ language an issue for communication ?

Have you ever been in the company of youngsters, and found yourself completely out of touch, and possibly even short...

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  • 28 February 2022

A welcoming classroom for children with special needs

Managing a class with a wide range of abilities and needs can be a challenge for many. This is where...

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  • 24 February 2022

Hardware Hacking: Let the learners take risk with technology!

Children love to break open and reconstruct their toys. They are the engineers of their own world. This is a...

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  • 21 February 2022

You are not here to be perfect but to be real.

Virtual? Physical? Hybrid? Bring it on! Dear fellow teachers, confused with the above statement? No I am not a super teacher...

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