More Social Impact activities into the lessons of our students

  • 17 December 2021

Did you know there is a calendar of International UN Days linked to the children’s rights? Well, this calendar has been listed on our Global Campus platform. They are listed by month, which helps students to plan these special days accordingly. Each UN International Day/event comes with a note for each month. Students can simply click each month and event. This allows them to explore and learn more about it. Isn’t it amazing?

Global Goal of the Month is another learning opportunity for our students, where each month, a different sustainable development goal is focused on. There are plenty of activities for students to get involved with and they can earn two badges for reading the learning slides and completing the reflection wall activity. This starts with the biosphere goals, as without first safeguarding the planet, we cannot ensure the other goals are achievable. See the image below for previously released goals. 

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