Oakridge’s ‘EduGrow’, receives Charitable Fund Award

  • 5 May 2022

Last year, Nord Anglia Education launched Charitable Giving Grants to support students’ social impact projects. With the second round of funding, NAE recently awarded grants from the US$500,000 fund to nine proposals aligned with UNICEF’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Oakridge International School, Gachibowli proposed ‘EduGrow’ through which the school will provide extracurricular support for children at various schools. The NAE Charitable Giving Committee proudly awards the school a Project Grant to support their initiative with US$22370.

All of the proposals were evaluated by the Student Advisory Board and Charitable Giving Committee, led by Education Advisory Board member Dr Jane Gaskell, with the aim of deepening the impact our students’ projects make on the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Congratulations to all the selected schools across the world, and we appreciate the students who are passionate about using these projects to make our world a better, safer, and cleaner place.

Written by Preeti Sahu – Shaping Brands and Inspiring Connections

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