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Choosing Excellence: Oakridge’s Support System for Families Moving Across States/Countries

  • 17 January 2024

Moving to a new city can be a daunting experience, especially when it involves a change in your child’s school. Our commitment is to provide a seamless transition for new students, ensuring they receive a world-class education at one of the leading International Schools in India.

Parents often worry about how well their child will adjust to a new school, whether their learning will be interrupted, and how this change might impact their overall development and academic growth. These concerns are entirely valid, and Oakridge goes the extra mile to address them.

Our approach is centered around prioritizing the well-being and academic progress of our students. We have a dedicated faculty and support staff who work collaboratively to ensure that the adjustment phase is not only smooth but also enjoyable. We believe that every child’s journey is unique, and our commitment is to make it a memorable and enriching one.

Making Relocation Easier at Oakridge:

  • Bridge Program: Our Oakridge Bridge Program, within the framework of an International School in India, is specifically designed to provide a seamless transition for kids moving to a new school or adapting to a new curriculum.
  • Buddy System: Every new student is paired with a Buddy, ensuring they feel comfortable in the new school environment. This supportive approach helps in fostering quick connections and friendships.
  • Extensive Extracurriculars: With over 30+ clubs, co-curricular activities, and sports available on campus, new students can explore their passions and meet like-minded peers, making the transition more enjoyable.
  • Learning Support Unit: For students facing curriculum learning difficulties, our Learning Support Unit and Counselor, consistent with the standards of an International School in India, are available to provide assistance and guidance.
  • Active Teacher Communication: We understand the importance of keeping parents informed. Weekly activity reports and active teacher communication ensure that parents are regularly updated on their child’s progress.
  • Community Engagement: Various engagement activities throughout the year provide opportunities for new parents to meet and connect with our wider parent community at Oakridge, fostering a sense of belonging.

With a substantial portion of our parent community comprising relocated families (30 to 40%), Oakridge School has gained significant experience in facilitating smooth transitions. Choosing Oakridge means choosing excellence not just in academics but also in the support system provided for families moving across states or countries. Our commitment is to make relocation not just easier but also a positive transformation for your child. Ranked among the Best International Schools in India and listed in the Top 10 Best Schools in India, Oakridge School welcomes families to a holistic and enriching educational experience.