What is PYP Exhibition
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What is PYP Exhibition

  • 17 July 2018

PYP exhibition is all about ‘Student Learning’. It’s a culminating event of a primary students’ education. It represents the culmination of who our students are as learners and demonstrate what they achieved in all areas of the Primary Years Programme. An IB PYPian learns to be an internationally-minded student who progresses through a collaborative, critical thinking journey of inquiry throughout the primary years. They explore local and global issues as well as learn to make connections and dig deeper. In the final year of PYP, this exhibition involves students working together to conduct an in-depth inquiry where they identify, investigate and find solutions to real-life issues and problems.

PYP students ask and answer three key concepts about their topic

How does it work?

PYP students ask and answer three key concepts about their topic which includes:

  • Attitudes and attributes – Students showcase their attitudes and attributes that they have been learning and developing over the past 5 years during their teamwork.
  • Skills – Students showcase their thinking, social, communication, self-management and research skills that they have learned to conduct authentic investigators.
  • Action – As part of the exhibition, students must act on their inquiry on the local and global issues that they have investigated.

The impact of the PYP exhibition

PYP exhibition help students develop and display the attributes of an IB learner profile. It engages them in developing their critical literacy and inquiry skills. The action element of the exhibition was seen as a key element in developing international-mindedness in students. India’s best international schools encourage parent’s involvement to build confidence in students and help them able to act independently. This apart, the IB schools craft the exhibition process carefully to plan inquiry learning skills and group-work skills into the experience. Schools who had done a number of exhibitions had clearer structures and the participants understood their roles more clearly.

The impact of the PYP exhibition

What are the key purposes of PYP exhibition

  • Students explore multiple perspectives
  • Engage in collaborative and in-depth inquiry
  • Unites students, teachers and parents school community
  • Demonstrate independence and responsibility for own learning
  • Synthesize and apply knowledge of previous PYP years
  • Take action as a result of own learning
  • A celebration of the transition of learning from PYP to MYP
What are the key purposes of PYP exhibition

Oakridge is one of the best IB syllabus schools in Hyderabad. It has been top ranked among the International schools in India. It provides instructional methods that are easy to follow and flexible. The PYP exhibition is a “significant event in the life of the school and the students. The school believes that such an activity allow students to show learning through action: a new understanding, a change in behavior and making a difference in the world. The IB Curriculum at Oakridge International School also includes a host of co-curricular activities for the all-round development of students. It is designed for holistic education to motivate students to become lifelong learners and seek true knowledge which is experiential and transformational

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