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Transforming Education Beyond the Classroom

  • 27 July 2023

Today, education has gone beyond the four walls of a classroom. Oakridge Schools are pioneers in innovative learning and have constantly revolutionised education by breaking traditional boundaries.

They have integrated various programs such as Model United Nations (MUN), TEDx talks, Entrepreneurship programs, Guest talks and Corporate Internships. In addition, collaboration programs with MIT, UNICEF and global expeditions to the Swiss Alps and Tanzania offer students a global perspective and opportunity to push their boundaries.

Let’s embark on this journey to discover the transformative impact of these unique programs:

1. Model United Nations (MUN)

The Oakridge School’s Model United Nations program develops future leaders and diplomats by allowing students to represent different nations and resolve global issues through negotiation and critical thinking. The program fosters empathy, understanding, and respect for diverse cultures and prepares students to become confident global citizens.

2. TEDx Talks

The TEDx program at Oakridge School empowers students to share their innovative ideas and improve their communication skills. Through captivating narratives, students become thought leaders, inspiring curiosity and creativity. Students gain confidence to explore their potential and make meaningful contributions to society.

3. Global Campus Initiatives

Global Campus is our online learning platform that connects over 70000+ students from across 33 countries. Your child will work with children their age from our family of schools and get a better understanding of what school life and childhood are like in different countries. They develop a broader perspective on life and learn to appreciate different points of view. It’s just one of the ways our students become responsible global citizens who are confident in our diverse, multicultural world. Students from our schools can meet at regional events, connect through shared interests and experiences, and embrace diversity as a normal part of life.

4. International Expeditions

Students can benefit from Nord Anglia’s global expeditions and experiences, which take place at dedicated centres in Tanzania and Switzerland.

1. The Citizenship Expedition in Arusha, Tanzania, nurtures global citizenship through service work with the local community. Students help build a local village school whilst learning about sustainable development and the environment.

2. The Personal Challenge Expedition in Les Martinets, Switzerland, develops perseverance and challenges students to surpass their limits. In the breathtaking Swiss Alps, students hike through the mountains while working in teams on cooking and navigation challenges.

5. UNICEF Partnership

Our inspiring Social Impact Programme with UNICEF challenges our students to think about what they can do to make a difference – locally and globally – to support the UN Sustainable Development 2030 agenda. Every year, we set a Global Challenge in

collaboration with UNICEF, where students across Nord Anglia join seminars, workshops and speaking opportunities at the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) at the Headquarters of the UN in New York. The goal is simple; it’s about our students using these life-changing opportunities to influence world leaders and make the world a better place.


These transformative experiences help students become well-rounded individuals with a global perspective, equipped to face challenges with empathy, creativity, and resilience. Oakridge students emerge as ambassadors of positive change, creating a brighter, more interconnected world. The school inspires and leads the way towards a future where education has no limits.