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  • 29 March 2022

Students have transitioned back to in-person schooling after two long years, following the pandemic. Several students are seeing their school for the first time! It’s that time of the year when students are faced with yet another challenge- exams. While for some students, it is a “Summative”, for others it is a “Mock exam” and for many others it is the “Final exam”. No matter what, exams can be a stressful time. Here are a few useful tips by our Oakridge Expert Ms.Sharanya Subramanian to eliminate stress during exams. These tips will ensure successful academic performance.

1.Today’s technology and digital tools have revolutionized learning. However, traditional methods of maintaining notebooks, taking notes and referring to the same to study, maintaining self-checklists or “to do” lists are still effective strategies to beat stress. This ensures you stay organized, focus and increase productivity.

2.Using various digital platforms as part of resources have added advantages, as they help make understanding concepts easier.

3.Online videos are equally helpful as they provide additional insights that you may include in your answers, to get those extra brownie points. Believe, it works!!

4.Techniques like ‘Pomodoro’ are effective strategies to maintain balance. This is a great way to complete tasks and take the much-needed breaks in between: 25-minute work sessions for tasks that need to be completed and 5 minutes of downtime. A little detail in clarity about what is Pomodoro and why to use it.

5.“I relate to exam pressures and stress in the capacity of a student, pursuing yet another postgraduate degree. I do wish that somebody had spoken to me about the crucial role ‘mindfulness’ plays in achieving academic excellence”, said Ms. Subramaninan. Staying calm is the secret to success, not just academic success but a life lesson. Hence, make enough time for your daily dose of deep breaths and release the exam stress.

6.Summer is here and adds to the woes. It is important to stay hydrated, eat right, eat healthy and avoid eating junk food. Postpone the unwanted ‘stress’ cravings for another day. Reaching out to a confidant always helps.

7.And last but not the least, don’t forget to get at least 6 hours of sleep, the night before the exam. Godspeed and good luck!

Ms.Sharanya Subramanian

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