What Science Says

The First 2000 days in a child’s life is when 90% of the brain development happens. The Environment they stay-in and the experiences they have during this time will play a critical role in shaping their behaviour for rest of their future.

The Oakridge Pre-primary Advantage

Our campus with its interactive, engaging and safe environment with child-friendly infrastructure & experience teaching faculty offers the ideal take-off platform for your child!

Spacious Play Areas

Tablet Based Learning

CCTV Security with
No-shadow Zones

Modern Interactive
Play equipment

Teaching Staff

Scientifically Developed Holistic Curriculum

Our Curriculum

We are the first Playschool to offer a scientific, holistic model of education with a focus on music perception, earth science, visual arts technology, life skills and value education. This playgroup curriculum is centred on themes that suffice the child’s early learning needs. This is a completely revolutionary model for fostering all-round development.

Our teaching Methodology

Our uniquely designed curriculum is therefore delivered through a strong teaching methodology, which primarily focuses on experiential learning where children partake in activities, instead of merely reading about them. Experiential learning is an engaged learning process where children “learn by doing” and by reflecting on the gained experiences. Field Trips, Centre-level celebrations, Audio-Visual learning aids, Tablet based learning etc., provide an opportunity for kids to experience learning like never before.

Child Friendly Facilities

Splash Pool

Sand Pit

Traffic Park

Air-conditioned Classrooms

Play Pen


What Parents say about us

Mrs. Sirisha Nakka

Siddharth is from UK and he had a huge language barrier when he joined the school. Over the years , the teachers have guided and nurtured him well and today he is able to read and write most regional languages. All credit goes to the wonderful teachers of Oakridge

Mr. Mohammed Firoz

Oakridge has been a life transforming experience for my daughters Fiza and Ariz and myself. The class teachers, coordinators, Headmistress are always accessible to parents and cordiality is the keystone here. The communication to parents by the class teachers is done regularly every week to update the beneficiary.