Dr. Pallavi Joshi

  • 2 May 2021

Dr. Joshi holds a PhD Degree in Molecular Oncology from Purdue University and has worked as a research scientist at Yale University. She joined the Oakridge family in 2014 and since then has engaged successfully in multiple roles within the organisation. She recently completed 4 years as an IB-trained facilitator of ESS and Biology and 3 years as EE research coordinator with a consistently higher than world-average results track record. She is skilled in curriculum design and instruction; is an IB examiner of DP ESS and is proficient in the MYP Biology/IDU e-assessment as well. She will be taking part in the MIT Specialised teacher training this month and will be one of the first teachers from India to attend this esteemed training programme. This unique training opportunity includes a range of workshops in line with the coming MIT Challenge theme – “Discovering Science through Compelling Images”. Content of the sessions will range from technologies used in researching the deep ocean, identifying infectious microbes and communicating complex scientific concepts through stunning imagery.

“Life fascinates me! There is no greater miracle in nature! Students in my class learn to appreciate the processes of life right from the intricate molecular detail all the way up to the grand systems of nature. As a facilitator, I always seek to reinforce students’ natural sense of wonder and try to help them to develop an inquiring mindset. I believe that a good education is not merely about an accumulation of facts, but rather an exciting journey of personal discovery about the natural world as well as about the self as a learner.”

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