Creating engaging virtual classes

Creating engaging virtual classes

Oakridge Experts Article by Ms. Usha Bharatula Language and Literature Facilitator MYP

Unprecedented times like the present need innovative ways of effective dissemination of knowledge.

Against this backdrop, I researched several websites on effective usage of the online learning management systems (LMS). And more specifically on timely completion of syllabus through online sessions and making them interesting, engrossing, ensuring participation of children and most importantly taking cognizance of the fact that this mode of learning is new to both children and me.

With these tenets in mind, I designed online sessions by putting myself in the shoes of the child. This helped me greatly in revising the initial content which helped the students in assimilating the online sessions with remarkable ease. While the students missed the class connect, I tried to make the session interesting through relevant anecdotes and ensuring participation of students by throwing questions to make them concentrate on the sessions. It was heartening to note that this made the children attentive, follow the sessions and made them think and answer questions posed.

I observed an improvement in students confidence, coming prepared for the session thereby enhancing the experience of the session. Finally, as multiple classrooms were clubbed to ensure portion completion, students had the opportunity to collaborate with a larger cohort of students. With all these factors in effect, I observed a spike in classroom attendance and participation.

In my opinion, while there can be no substitute to class room instruction, this is the best that I could do in the prevailing circumstances.