The streets of Lyon in Paris were Exotic and Exciting!

The streets of Lyon in Paris were Exotic and Exciting!

To get an insight into the French culture, French students of CBSE Grade 7 -10 had an opportunity to visit and explore Lyon, the city of France, through a Live Virtual Trip.

Le Frehindi, Paris based student benefit organization under the high patronage of the Indian Embassy in Paris, gave an interactive guided tour to our learners, highlighting the French lifestyle, their cafés, markets and listening to the typical french conversations around.

Following are the reflections shared by our learners

1.The virtual Field Trip to Lyon was very exciting and well organized. We were taken through the streets of Lyon with a guide explaining everything to us. We learnt so much about Lyon and even about how France is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. I learnt that there is a Mayor for every 3 km and he/she takes care of everything in the area from schools to swimming pools. Almost all the French citizens know how to swim as it is obligatory to learn to swim when one is in middle school. Overall this virtual field trip was an amazing experience and I hope we have more such field trips like this in the near future. – Aarush Ashish Nabar, 8 N CBSE

2. This field trip was so detailed about the stores like ‘boulangerie’ (bakery) etc. and I enjoyed it. The way they were explaining, I understood everything very well. – Anas Mohammed, 7 L, CBSE

3. My name is Arush Kamdar and I had recently attended a virtual tour of Lyon conducted by the CEO of Le Frehindi. First, he talked about the timings in France and how short the day was during the winters. After that, he entered a local grocery shop called Carrefour and explained about all the sections of food. Soon after he showed us a “Mairie” which is like a Mayor’s office that runs theatres, swimming pools, etc. He even showed us the bus schedule and how it worked. Overall, I found this tour very exciting. Since we can’t travel now, it was nice to see other parts of the world. -Arush Kamdar, 8 N CBSE

4. The CEO of Frehindi took us on a virtual tour to France. It was 8’o’ clock when he was walking down the streets. He went to a shop called ‘Carrefour’ and spent quite some time there. He also talked about how life in France is. It was very insightful to have a small glimpse about how France is. – Chakrika Ambaty, 8 M, CBSE

5. The virtual tours and sessions are enormously helping students to boost their confidence. The introduction and the sequence were so interesting that it was worth attending till the end …!! No doubt, Oakridge students get the opportunity to shine globally. I am grateful to Subject teachers, to inspire children by laying the footsteps for the generations to follow. –Parent of VIII grade student

6. In the virtual field trip, I learnt a lot about Lyon. I learnt about the shops, like Etienne and Cerise et Potiron, which sells coffee and vegetables. I also learnt about the services in Lyon, like the bikes for commuting, the parking ticket attendants, and distributeur d’argent. It was fun. I enjoyed it very much. – Vidyawini Ganapathy, 9 L, CBSE

7. The virtual trip to Lyon was very fascinating, I got to see stuff that I never knew before like in a coffee shop they store the coffee beans from different places in the world and sell them to the customers and also it was very amusing to know that the people there did not have to pay for their medication all they had to do was show a card that the government provided them and it is all free. Just like these, we got to know about so many things that I did not know before. –Gitale Lakshmi Yadavalli, 10 K, CBSE