Creating spaces for learning

Creating spaces for learning

A question that pops up in every teacher’s mind is ” I do not have enough space to plan activities in my classroom.” How does one create space that will affect a student’s learning and teaching inside and outside the classroom?

Not all learning happens within the four walls of the classroom, schools have areas like laboratories, library, music rooms, corridors, etc. Teachers should make use of those spaces creatively. This requires planning on the part of the teacher, how he/she will use every nook and corner of the school.

The notion of one size fits all doesn’t apply in the modern day of the education system.

Space allows movement, hands-on exploring, grouping, making and building and collaborating with others.

Creating spaces for learning doesn’t mean the beautification of classrooms. It means providing spaces for students to work collaboratively, act independently, think creatively and use technology. Thus providing them to feel motivated to learn and engage with each other.

From the planned to the spontaneous

Whilst, a change in the classroom seating will increase active participation and get students to take ownership of their learning. Think space as a tool for learning, have your students design the seating arrangement and see the change in them. Never stop experimenting. Some examples of creating learning spaces below will help motivate and cultivate creativity among students.

  • Make resources visible for students
  • Create comfortable and cozy corners
  • Have space for both collaboration and individual work
  • Exhibit student’s work in progress
  • Co-create spaces along with the students
  • Keep the resources and work samples at students’ eye-level
  • Experiment ideas along with your students, make it happen

A simple change in building the space will make a huge difference and thus encourage students’ creativity and innovation in whatever they do.

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