Educators sharing their virtual teaching experiences

Educators sharing their virtual teaching experiences

The age old adages are working up my mind now! The learning never ends. Each day throws a new challenge. Each day is a new beginning. How true it sounds today!

With this lockdown, when everything has come to a standstill, Oakridge continues its journey of joyful learning. As a true Oakridger, not only the students but every teacher too has adapted to the current situation and is making the utmost use of the technology like a pro. I wish to thank Oakridge for giving me this platform where I learnt to help my students continue with their learnings.

Staying home for me has a different meaning today. It has reinforced my faith in keeping my smile in such gloomy days it reflects upon my students and in turn creates a positive learning atmosphere.

So my message would be stay home, stay safe and continue learning. Don’t forget to Be Ambitious!!!

Parmeshwari Rekam – English Faculty

Below are some videos of teachers speaking about the virtual school experience: