Project Based Learning- Engaging, Enduring, Enterprising!

Project Based Learning- Engaging, Enduring, Enterprising!

Project-based learning combines in itself the qualities of engaged education, enduring knowledge and enterprising techniques. IB MYP Year 2 learners, demonstrated their understanding and cognition of the topic ‘Legacies of Culture’ in Individuals and Societies through project-based learning.

Exploring any part of the world remains incomplete unless there is an attempt to understand the role of culture in the grooming of society. The values, ideas, beliefs and practices in society are derivative of its cultural legacy. MYP 2 learners investigated case studies from across the world to appreciate the impact of culture on global society. In groups, they chose cases that ranged from cuisines in Europe to traditions in Japan; Hawaiin art to Brazilian culture; Indian architecture to performing arts; world religions to native customs– our learners covered a plethora of diverse cultures.

Throughout the PBL task, learners consistently engaged in peer discussions, taking feedback from each other and their teachers and completely deluged themselves towards the completion of the final product. The learners reflected on their project to acknowledge the development of important skills such as communication, research and critical thinking.

This enduring knowledge shall help them in future assignments also. Lastly, the end products that the learners displayed in the PBL exhibition brought out their enterprising qualities. The audience, namely MYP Year 1 learners, were enamoured and impressed by the presentations! Our faculty audience provided authentic and relevant feedback to the students and appreciated the high quality of the exhibition.

For MYP 2 learners, more than the culmination, it was the learning journey that they thoroughly enjoyed. In a virtual school environment, it is commendable that the learners carried out this feat to demonstrate their understanding of culture. Indubitably, our learners are open-minded and risk-takers.

-Amna Sunmbul,

IB MYP Facilitator,

Individuals and Societies Department