With Nord Anglia Education Expeditions, we bring lessons to life for our students at Oakridge

With Nord Anglia Education Expeditions, we bring lessons to life for our students at Oakridge

How much of what we have learnt in the classroom have helped us in real-life? Today’s world is dynamic and with the technology changing everything at an exponential rate, we cannot just rely on information available in the books anymore. A child needs to experience the world beyond the traditional classroom as an essential part of learning. As we are all aware, learning with real-life applications is more powerful than just listening from the teachers inside the four walls of the classroom.

For preparing students for life beyond school with a real-world context and expose them to a range of experiences, Oakridge International Schools integrated Nord Anglia Education (NAE) Expeditions with education. The global NAE Expeditions are an in-depth exploration of some of the adventurous locations of a country such as Tanzania and Switzerland. Adventure is all about moving out of your comfort zones. These holistic and collaborative programmes are an example to the same. Through hands-on activities and excursions, it offers students the opportunity to get out into the field and discover fascinating adventures that would help them develop their capacity to learn.

Offering a fun, engaging, and safe environment, these highly structured expeditions, ranging from 7 to 14 days, allow students of grades 6-11 to experience a broader view of the world. With various adventurous sports like skiing, snowboarding, parasailing, rock climbing, rappelling, etc., in Switzerland and planned activities like Safari in Tanzania, it helps students develop social and leadership skills. These activities take place under the supervision of professional and trained instructors ensuring safe and enriching exposure to learning. It allows students to deepen the interests they already have and discover new ones along the way. They also learn to overcome emotional and psychological challenges and hurdles and gain confidence and self-achievement.

Not just that, with the challenging, exciting and different experiences of taking classroom learning outside, students are able to explore and connect better with what is taught in the school. Skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making and observation are some of the most important lessons that they take away with them through our NAE Expeditions. Also, students broaden their perspectives and get exposed to various cultures, people and ideas. As a result, these real-world learning experiences will set them up for success in life beyond school. With NAE Expedition programmes, students at Oakridge International Schools get the opportunity to add much value to classroom learning and gain a deeper understanding of the concepts that lie under just traditional subject boundaries.

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