8-year-old extending help to migrant workers

8-year-old extending help to migrant workers

As we all know, lakhs of migrant workers across our country are struggling to go back to their homes. Some have lost jobs, some are homeless, and some want food. Thus, a much more humane, sensitive, and caring approach towards these migrant workers and their families is needed today.

In the midst of all this, Vishruthsai, an eight-year-old boy from Oakridge International School, Gachibowli, decided to take action and do his bit to help these migrant workers out. He knew that there are some migrant workers in his community who work as cleaners and security guards are also facing these problems. So, he and his family decided to help them in every possible way they could.

He packed around 30 bags with loads of food and essential supplies including — Rice, Dal, Oil, Sugar, and Atta, and had these bags distributed through the help of volunteers to their community cleaners, gardeners, and security guards while maintaining a safe distance.

It’s heartwarming to see there are some heroes out there, who in the toughest of times, continue to show an outpouring of kindness to their communities. “I want to help the needy people in this pandemic situation. It is often the smallest ideas that have the greatest impact. So, we should always come forward to help the people in need, even in the littlest way”, says Vishruthsai.

Our students do not take their privileges for granted. They understand the need to give back to society. Especially at a time like this — we definitely need to reach out and assist as many people as possible. This help will make everyone face their difficulties in a better way! So proud of our young crusaders,” says Hema Chennupaty, Principal at Oakridge Gachibowli.


  1. Nishet Thakur says:

    Great work for Humanity at such a small age…Salutes to all the Family Members.

  2. K Nethra says:

    So this is my opinion on which the government has to do. I want the government to ban labor because many children who are supposed to go to school are just working. We are not giving importance to the people who are working in our houses why should they give importance to us. I don’t if the government takes into consideration.

    I am ready to help migrant workers. You helped us so we are going to help you ‘Everyone for one, One for all’

  3. Surya vardhan says:

    Good, I am with you. Jai Hind

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