It’s always motivating for us to hear from parents

It’s always motivating for us to hear from parents

I am really happy how online classes are going on.My Daughter Tanvi is really interested in all the activities.The moment I say it’s Gautami mam’s or Ayesha mam’s class she is very excited and very happy to attend.

As a parent Initially I was very much worried how I would manage or I would make Tanvi sit in front of the laptop.But now I have no worries about it.And I am really happy with the “ME TIME” concept. As you are giving attention to each and every child and interacting with them very nicely.

I really thank you Gautami mam and Ayesha mam for putting so many efforts for making me and my child comfortable with these online classes.

Praneetha Daripelli, Mother of Tanvi from EYP1

We are so happy that our child Rishi Bharadwaj (EY1B) is enjoying the virtual classes. It’s not easy to manage 20 kids in virtual school. We know we have to thank you for that. The online and offline activities you plan, the teaching – it’s all incredible, and it’s helping our child (and us!) believe that school is fun, which is incredibly important.

I would like to appreciate you for being patient all the time while you are handling so many children at a time who tend to get distracted very quickly.

We are all into a pandemic situation and as a parent we need to understand the challenges of engaging kids virtually which you are doing in a fantastic way. You have handled any situation, be it a concern from a parent or a child, in a pleasant way. That’s one of the best qualities in both of you.

In this enhanced technology world, everyone (including myself) feels like we are experts in doing anything. So, we will give a lot of suggestions on teaching. But only few can understand what is the real taste of it and everyone should understand that teacher is THE GURU. And I personally don’t have any concerns on that.

Also I would like to bring to your notice that my kid is really enjoying the dance and music class. Maybe he is not good at drawing and games class. But that is completely his problem and as parents we are responsible for that.The way Joshuva sir, Antony sir, Bhagya ma’am and Shivika ma’am are teaching is EXCELLENT.

Finally, “I really appreciate the excellent work by the leadership team and the staff in making OAKRIDGE as an excellent school. I’m pretty confident that my kid receives excellent education above and beyond what I expected at the outset”

Thank you!

Sridhar Adurthi (Associate manager, COGNIZANT Technologies), Father of Rishi from EYP1