TEDx 2016 – Curiouser and Curiouser

TEDx 2016 – Curiouser and Curiouser

Speaker #1 – Ankit Kapoor


My name is Ankit Kapoor and I study in P.Obul Reddy Public School. I am an aspiring lawyer and an economics enthusiast. One of my life ambitions was to give a TED talk and with TEDxOIS, that is surely off the list. Ever since I got my first taste of public speaking, I have never looked back and with every experience I have grown in strength. Whether it is Model UNs or Entrepreneur Summits or debates or elocutions or declamations, I have participated and mastered them all at national levels.

To give you a little insight about my personal life, I am a massive Manchester United fan and I idolize Robin van Persie. In my spare time, I run through TV series, with Suits as my current favorite.

My topic would read ‘Conscious Adolescence’, something that all of you as listeners could connect to. Essentially stating and voicing what all of us feel but are afraid to voice out.

It would surely be my utmost honor to be among this list of speakers!

Speaker #2 – Kaushik Sathishkumar

Hey there!

I am Kaushik Sathishkumar, currently doing my 11th grade from Sri Chaitanya Junior College, and to begin with, I am an enthusiastic quizzer and munner, with a penchant for details. I strongly endorse this philosophy that learning is the most active endeavour a person can undertake and it is this pursuit of learning that motivated me to take up debating and public speaking. More often than not, you would find me deeply engrossed reading a novel by my favourite author, Matthew Reilly or playing the keyboard to relieve myself of all stress and tension. I am also a huge sports enthusiast, worshipping Michael Phelps and Roger Federer, and never miss out on an opportunity to catch up on a sporting event. Being a huge movie buff, I also greatly admire Brad Pitt and Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlocked). Lastly, I strongly believe that TEDx is one of those very few platforms which ensure that people’s voice and opinions are actually heard and go a long way in bringing about a significant change and I too hope to bring about that change. This is why I’ve chosen to talk on the relativity of success at TEDxOIS this year. Waiting to see you guys there.

Au Revoir!

Speaker #3 – Sreya Sreedhar

I have taken Economics, Math and Visual Arts at the higher level and am currently a senior at the International School of Bangalore. I think i’m fun loving and opinionated . For me leisure and ease always come first. Stuff I love include dancing to Bollywood music , raving, chocolate, Kendrick Lamar and sleep. My current archenemies are Math HL and the Extended Essay. I’m an avid supporter of socially beneficial causes and have worked under at least 5 NGOs or socially inclined associations till now. My most important needs in life are freedom, company and social media or any form of media for that matter. I will be talking about social taboo pertaining to women in Indian society. My topic may not be as relatable and as widespread as i may make it to seem but with the number of social issues coming out of the dark now especially in our society I think this talk would give the audience a better view on the subject from an experienced perspective

Speaker #4 – Suhas Peela

In all honesty, I’m just your average old pizza-eating, procrastinating, Tumblr-loving student and avid Suits fan. Currently in my sophomore year at Oakridge, one of the best International Schools in Hyderabad, Newton Campus and I’ve always had a highly keen interest for history, international relations and psychology. With the inherent talent to spontaneously fall in love with any activity that distracts me from what i’m supposed to be doing, there really is no predict what I’d be doing at a particular time but MUNing and hysterically laughing about how funny Telugu songs sound in English are a good place to start. Since moving to India in 2008, I’ve gradually become more and more intrigued about how we have cultured our society into the way it is today and what drives Indian thinking, how we think so differently in our day to day activities and whether or not is our supposed high intelligence that causes our short-fallings as a community.

Speaker #5 – Vrishank Singhania

I’m currently in Grade XII at CHIREC International. I have a variety of interests in diverse fields. Along with being a public speaking enthusiast, I am an ardent Model UN debater. I entered the realm of MUNning five years ago and am still thriving in it. I am not only analytical and eloquent but am also a passionate violinist. I harbour great passion for music and have been a part of the esteemed Indian National Youth Orchestra and the Hyderabad Youth Ensemble.

I relishes quality conversation, regardless of the topic and finds immense pleasure in exchanging new ideas. I have been critical of the education system since the 7th grade and am extremely passionate about challenging the way we look at education and hence will be talking about that at TEDxOIS this year.

ADULT SPEAKER – Ananda Shankar Jayant

A TED speaker, Padma Shri, Dancer and Cancer conqueror, you’d simply run out of adjectives while trying to describe Ananda Shankar Jayant. One of India’s most renowned performers of Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi, watching her take over the stage, be it when she’s speaking or when she’s dancing, will simply leave you awe-struck. Dance goes beyond just a hobby, passion or career to her, and rather is her way to touch eternity. She believes that art is an expression of life and the precision and sparkling grace she brings to her performances definitely displays that.

Having being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 she decided to face it head on, in fact performing dance between chemo sessions too. Between going bald and not being able to climb a set of stairs, she held on to her art as a peg and fought cancer with dance, something she spoke on for TED in 2009. She didn’t simply survive cancer. She demolished it.

A strong advocate for what she believes, Ananda Shankar’s willingness to fight to bring about change makes her speeches truly mesmerizing. These and many more reasons are why we’re extremely proud to have her as our sole adult speaker and chief guest. Prepare to be inspired.

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