Happiness revisted – Cast Out but not Cast Away

Happiness revisted – Cast Out but not Cast Away


Few people gleefully anticipate the task of caring for an aging parent. Little do they know that they are sooner or later reaching that stage in their own lives. Thank God for homes that care for such abandoned elders. Oakridge, one of the top CBSE Schools in Hyderabad students having visited them a couple of times our hearts churned within us when we saw their helpless yet undying spirits. That is when we decided to do “‘Happiness revisited’ Grade XI CBSE so gladly decided to host it.

We invited 40 guests from‘‘Little sisters home for the poor’’ to spend a fun day with us. The students planned meticulously for the event.  From designing the banner to wrapping gifts for the guests to arranging games,a hilarious skit, song and dance they did it with a spirit of love and compassion for them.

The guests arrived at around 10 a.m. and were welcomed into our campus with a rose each.They were then escorted to the amphitheatre for a fun filled time which included games ,a photo session and an interactive session with the students. They were then taken for lunch which they enjoyed a lot. After lunch they were escorted to the MPH for an entertainment programme which included a Telugu skit, a dance and a Hindi song. A cake was then cut by all of them and later distributed among them. They enjoyed every bit of it and also showed their gratitude towards us. They were then given a goodie bag which consisted of a shawl, a toilet kit,biscuits, medicines and a memento to take back. This marked the end of the programme.

As we all know, grandparents are very important in each one of our lives, so we took this opportunity to make all them happy and enjoy their time so that they could cherish this memory forever.

As we bade sweet good byes and see you soon, we uttered a quiet prayer that God should keep them safe and in good health. This event was a huge success due to all the support received from the students, teachers, Coordinator,VPs,Principal and most of all, our CAS Vice -President ,Shruti Agarwal and CAS Coordinator, Shalini Samuel Ma’am.


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