Exposure to global arena

Creating opportunities through student exchange programs and expeditions

Trips And Expeditions

The philosophy of outward bound education as initiated by educator Kurt Hahn has been adopted enthusiastically at Oakridge. We offer our students ample opportunities to learn skills like leadership, perseverance, survival skills, teamwork and responsibilities through multiple domestic and international trips, student exchange programs and expeditions throughout the year.

  • Educational Tours include International Trips which take place during the summer vacations and the Domestic Trips take place during the autumn break. Each itinerary is curated by experts and ensures a strong learning outcome closely integrated into the curriculum. Students have visited both popular and offbeat destinations as part of these tours.
  • Specialized Adventure Camps are conducted both onsite and offsite to give a taste of thrill and adventure to the students. These are conducted in safe environments using the certified equipment. The students engage in activities like rappelling, rock-climbing, zorbing, hiking while also learning outdoor survival skills.
  • Oakridge is a proud partner of AFS Intercultural Programs wherein it hosts short term and long term student exchange programs with other AFS schools around the world. In addition, Oakridge has independently established short term students exchange programs with premium schools in US and UK.
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