Book donation drive by Oakridgers

Book donation drive by Oakridgers

Education is the supreme right, which should be bestowed upon every child. Unfortunately, we have around 30% of underprivileged children live in India, who are unable to enjoy their rights due to poverty. At Oakridge International School, we develop a generation of leaders who are compassionate and think for society and their betterment.

We at Oakridge, strongly believes that having a library is one of the key drivers for getting educated. It is; therefore, our school library organized a book donation campaign to support the underprivileged kids around the city. With this campaign, we aim to inculcate the value of giving in our students. Students were at the forefront of this activity. They strongly campaigned around the school to convince and educate other students about this humane act of giving.

They informed students about the campaign on the stage in the assembly. They also went to individual classes and made hoardings and banners to spread awareness. When these compassionate Oakridgers collected all the material together, they went to a government school named ‘Government Elementary School’, Kahanpur, Banger- Banur and helped them build their school library.

As a part of the book donation campaign, students further moved their action towards the second project. This project involved donation of books, clothes, toys, etc. to a Delhi-based NGO known as Goonj which undertakes disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and community development in parts of 23 states across India.

During these projects, students were witnessed to come ahead and display the values of compassion towards others. They were seen to show empathy, spreading the joy of reading to help the underprivileged students who never experienced the unfathomable joy that one experiences from books.