My journey with White Hat Jr, shares Kaushal Guntur

My journey with White Hat Jr, shares Kaushal Guntur

Kaushal Guntur has received a certificate that qualifies him as a Game developer by White Hat Jr

I had recently received a certificate that qualifies me as a game developer and it was all thanks to WhiteHat Jr

From the start, I have had a little difficulty in finding my interests for a career when I grow up. I switched from wanting to be an athlete to a chef, to join the army, and then in 8th grade I decided to just wait, and see what happens. I had always had an interest in the subject of computers and the summer of 2019, I took a demo class in WhiteHat Jr, it is an online course where you learn about coding, app development and various other things. My mom had scheduled the demo class for me as I was interested in computers. I liked the programme and signed up for 48 classes, in which I would learn about animations, game design, and advanced app structures.

I had started taking a 1 on 1 virtual class through WhiteHat Jr, it was me on one side of the camera and a qualified teacher on the other side. At the start of the programme I had been taking 2 classes per week. At first, I learnt about the gaming world and Object-Oriented Programming. Then I had started to create one of the first few arcade games, it was called Pong. I then learnt the basics of creating games while creating games. I then started creating the offline dinosaur game that is known to any google user, I did all of this on, which allows people to learn computer sciences. I then moved on to creating games like angry birds on the Visual Studio Code. Then I used both Visual Code Studio and Firebase to create a multiplayer car racing game.

Throughout this entire journey, I had learnt a lot, I learnt the basics of a game, the aspects that any game needs. I learnt a lot of concepts that helped me understand better to create games. Having a 1 on 1 class is helpful as all the attention is towards you and it  helps build confidence, increase the level of understanding. You never get left behind and any doubt you have gets cleared.

I  think that this has helped me a lot and that it has made it easier for me to plan my studies and future. It was an amazing experience with WhiteHat Jr and I am planning on continuing the programme by taking more classes. I would recommend this for anyone who has an interest in computers and might see it as a future career. It might help you to discover skills you never know you had and might change your interests and plans.