MIT Program

A unique collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT Program Overview

Nord Anglia Education is working with MIT to introduce the students of Oakridge International School, to an innovative way of learning the STEAM subjects.

STEAM brings together science, technology, engineering, art and math based on the belief that innovation is often found where different subjects intersect. By learning these subjects at the same time, students consider a wider range of perspectives when solving a particular problem. Whereas traditional learning develops fact-based knowledge around individual subjects, our STEAM program develops the skills needed to thrive in our dynamic world – flexibility, critical thinking, creativity and communication.

Our STEAM program is guided by MIT’s core philosophy of ‘Mind and Hand,’ a hands-on approach to learning across subjects aimed at developing vital transferrable skills through experimentation, trial and error, and creativity. As a world leader in innovation, MIT’s current research and education includes digital learning, nanotechnology, sustainable energy, the environment, climate adaptation and global food and water security.

By undertaking real-world challenges across the subjects of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM), your child will be encouraged to experiment rather than wait for instructions, and will learn collaboration and critical thinking that can solve even the trickiest problems.

Watch our film to learn more about our collaboration with MIT

Experience MIT
A selection of Nord Anglia students will visit MIT every year to immerse themselves in a culture of hands-on problem-solving. Your child will meet prominent MIT scientists, build and experiment in workshops, and learn about the new discoveries that will shape their future. Activities during the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) visit include everything from building robots, to bioengineering, to coding. Your child will also have a chance to visit Harvard allowing them to experience student life at this prestigious university.

STEAM Teacher Workshops
Our STEAM teachers take part in workshops at MIT that expose them to the forefront of STEAM research and thinking. Every summer, teachers of Oakridge International School, visit MIT to receive hands-on training from MIT researchers and well-known academics. Activities include workshops and discussions with leading scientists and engineers about topics such as food production technologies, climate change, city planning and gaming among other things.

In-School Challenge
Science and technology are traditionally taught separately, used together they are tools for cracking some of the world’s greatest puzzles. Our in-school challenges encourage students to work together every term to find innovative and creative solutions to complex problems. For example, students of Oakridge International School have designed the Formula One Race Car prototype in the F1 in Schools STEAM Competition. Oakridge students also created a giant balloon to measure the Ozone concentration in the atmosphere. Amazing things happen when you blend the natural curiosity of youth with the learning style of one of the world’s most influential universities.


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