Student IT Policy


Students of Oakridge International School, India (OIS) have access to the Internet, as provided by OIS Information Technology (IT) systems and equipment and as per the school requirements which varies across all age groups of students. OIS reserves the right to restrict access to internet content through OIS IT Facilities, as permitted by relevant governing law. This policy is designed to help parents and students better understand their obligations with respect to using associated IT systems and equipment.

Incidents: All known or suspected security incidents related to IT must be reported to IT HelpDesk at your respective schools

Applications: All general purpose Personal Computer (PC-including desktops, laptops, tablets or other such devices) are installed with a standard set of applications. Self-installation of unauthorised software is prohibited

Data Storage: All data stored on OIS property is considered OIS property. All such data may be considered temporary data and is subject to being deleted at any time

Copyright Laws: Any copying without permission, including electronic copying, is prohibited as per the relevant state or country law (1)

Computer Hacking: Any hacking is strictly prohibited and can be a criminal offence as per the relevant governing law of the state or country (1)

Computers may not be used inappropriately. Inappropriate use includes the following (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Visiting pornographic sites
  • Sending untrue/malicious statements
  • Receiving, sending or downloading pornographic information
  • Breaches of copyright
  • Sending offensive/obscene statements/ attachments
  • Cyber bullying/harassment
  • Anything that may damage the reputation or interests of OIS
  • Discriminatory or illegal religious, gender and preferences materials, including visiting sites which contain extremist materials or views, or promoting or disseminating the same
  • Making potentially libellous statements

Email: Email system is to be used for education purposes only. Any student receiving any inappropriate content should inform their respective class teacher or IT HelpDesk immediately.

Viruses: The spreading of viruses is subject to prosecution under the relevant governing law of the country. If you have an infected PC or file, or think you may have, do not use the PC or file. Notify IT HelpDesk at your respective school immediately.

If a student is found to be using the IT systems, Internet or Email inappropriately, in breach of this policy, then the student may be subject to disciplinary action.

Any inappropriate use will be considered a disciplinary offence which may result in exclusion, and/or referral to law enforcement agencie

If OIS is found to be liable because of an act by a student, it reserves the right to pursue legal action against the individual involved.

(1) Information Technology Act, 2000 (and any other future relevant laws as introduced by the state or country government)

Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy / 16th July 2019 / Version 0.1


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