Fun Friday Celebrations

Fun Friday Celebrations

Oh, what a Fun Friday!! Grade 1 celebrates ‘Fun Friday’ every week during class assembly time. Reyansh from PYP1B looks forward to the celebrations with great enthusiasm. Some of the activities were:

Lemonade: The kids had so much fun learning to make yummy lemonade. Reyansh realized that one glass was not enough…he made more later to share with his entire family and most importantly, his favorite house help Sunita. Sharing is indeed caring.

Virtual Field Trip: The kids had loads of fun riding the hot air balloon. The Seven Wonders of the World was introduced as part of learning the characteristics of countries. Reyansh wanted to go and visit the places, but he wanted to only go, once it gets safe to travel.

Such celebrations are a great boon to break the monotony during this virtual learning mode. Young children are always looking for new things to do. The teachers are providing great opportunities for learning!

By Nidhi Thomas – Parent of Reyansh Thomas PYP1B