An interactive crowdfunding session by “Fuel a Dream”

An interactive crowdfunding session by “Fuel a Dream”

Students from MYP grade 3 and above attended the session and were eager to learn how they can raise awareness and funds for a cause and transform the lives of underprivileged.

“Giving things instead of getting things gives us a whole new level of happiness” are the words of one of our students while she reflected on her experience in a crowdfunding campaign that she participated in. Last week, Oakridge International School Bengaluru tied up with India’s leading crowdfunding website, “Fuel a Dream” to come up with two campaigns for our senior students. The first campaign for grades 8 and 9 was on getting water wheels for women to collect water in rural Karnataka and the second campaign is to support the education of brilliant students from financially poor homes.

This has been an enriching experience for our students as first they were trained in the process of crowdfunding and then they got to raise money for these causes through the guided process. These campaigns are running for a period of 14 days and we are happy to share that our students have reached more than 50% of their goal amount in a matter of 6 days. They have raised close to 16 lakhs across both the campaigns and the numbers are growing steadily.

Here’s what our students have to say about the session:

Shivani of grade 10

Only once I did the Fueladream crowdfunding campaign did I truly understand the power of online platforms in social activism. I always knew that the online network, which has become an indispensable part of our life now, is an extremely powerful tool, but when I began this campaign I experienced that for myself. An amount of money that previously took me a week to raise when I went door to door, was raised in the span of 3 days. Once equipped with the tools of successful persuasion and crowdfunding, I was able to do wonders in convincing people to donate to the fundraiser. I have surpassed my goal in the span of 5 days and with a week to go I can only imagine how much more of an impact I can make! Crowdfunding is a very useful tool, and given its far-reaching impacts it can be used to make tremendous changes in the world. All it takes is initiative and a little effort on your side, and you can raise money to fuel the most innovative ideas to genuine, social causes.

Anirudh’s of grade 9

I, Anirudh Subramanian, had been introduced to crowdfunding in a session with Mr. Ranganath Thota. I was amazed by how people could raise massive amounts of money so quickly for the better of many societies and individuals. After going through the sessions, I was introduced to the campaign that I was to run. I immediately started spreading the message on the first day. I was astonished by seeing that I had achieved my goal in less than 4 hours. I knew that I was capable of raising much more and continued to ask my parents to spread the message to as many people as possible. I even walked door to door in my society and explained my campaign with detail. My goal was to collect as much money as possible as I knew the more the better for women in rural areas. Overall, I enjoyed the campaign and learnt communication and social skills that I believe can be used in many aspects.