Principal Desk Update- September 2022

  • 14 September 2022

Dear Parents,

After a lively selection and election process, our new student council is all set for the Investiture Ceremony this Friday 16th September. It is my pleasure to invite the parents of the newly selected council. Please participate in this proud moment by pinning the badge on your child as your presence will make this ceremony extra special and memorable for our students. We hope to see maximum guardians/ parents cheering on our new and dynamic student leadership team of both Primary and Senior School.

I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate all the parents who are sending students in proper school uniform. Grooming and punctuality are essential life skills and the basis for responsible global citizenship. Parents, we seek your cooperation in enabling our children in these life skills.

Virtual Schooling for almost 2 years due to the pandemic was unavoidable and the most viable solution given the circumstances. While we are working on bridging learning gaps post pandemic, the school and parents have to also join forces to reinforce moral values that help build good character and self-discipline. Our School counselor with the UNICEF ambassadors recently launched a campaign for body positivity. We are also educating children about personal space and reminding them frequently about the school code of conduct. For instance, we strongly condemn the use of foul language of any kind. Parents we urge you that if you notice children using inappropriate language during phone conversations or in personal chats, please check them and counsel them. Your cooperation will go a long way in reinforcing the work being done at school.

We know that our children are invariably influenced by the social media which can become addictive and prompt children to mindlessly ape poor and at times dangerous trends by normalizing deviant behavior. It is incumbent on us to present different positive examples to our children. For instance, balancing love and care with some discipline at home- like a fixed bedtime by 10 PM, no phones or laptops after 9 pm are small steps towards creating a nurturing, learning environment at home. Even if you have not applied these rules so far, you can start today by not enforcing but including the children in open conversations.

Many times as parents we think that giving a complete free hand to our children is being their friend and that disciplining them will alienate our children. That is not true. Children expect adults to define some boundaries as long as we have the patience to explain the ‘why’ behind these rules. Therefore, balancing love with the law is the best way forward. At Oakridge to support parents we have been virtually conducting positive parenting workshops led by our school counseling team. Please do contact your respective class teachers should you like to participate in these workshops and learn practical tips on parenting.

When school and home speak the same language it is bound to create consistency and the right balance essential for bringing out the best in our children..

Thank you


Pallavi Mishra

Principal at Oakridge International School, Bengaluru