Principal Desk Update- May 2022

  • 12 April 2022

Dear Parents,

As you all are aware, the threat of Covid continues to lurk in the background. Our strategy has always been preemptive and we continue to stay alert to any developments.

We have exactly 15 working days from Monday 9th May until the summer break beginning from 27th May. Therefore, we are transitioning to hybrid mode (in-school and remote) for all grades from nursery to grade 9 from Monday 9th May. This means, teachers will be at school and we will be running both the offline and online classes to accommodate all.

If you are comfortable sending your child to school, please do so. We will take full care as usual. If not, the online provision will be made available from Monday, 9th May for all grades. Grade IX have the last three assessments due this week, which they need to write in school.

For other grades assessments will be conducted simultaneously both offline and online. Please do remind children who write from home, of academic honesty otherwise we will have very misleading student outcomes.

Grades X and XII will be coming to school only to write board exams.

For Grades X and XII

We strongly recommend Grades X and XII children to remain at home and visit school only to write their board examination. We urge the families also to apply added caution so that the children are able to write their board exams without any interruptions.

We continue to apply all Covid protocols stringently, like wearing masks, sanitizing, maintaining social distance and deep cleaning the premises daily. We are also constantly in touch with the education office and will comply with any government advisory.

In the meantime, we urge parents to please vaccinate and also avail the facility available on Saturdays for booster dose. We are ensuring all our staff get the booster shot. Once the government permits, through Rainbow hospitals, we are also ready for vaccinations for children.

Thank you for sharing information responsibly, avoiding rumours and cooperating with the school to keep everyone safe. Since 14th Feb, children have had an uninterrupted and fantastic run in the offline school and we hope through our collective efforts we will be able to ensure meaningful assessments and a proper closure for students until the summer break on 27th May.

Please don’t hesitate to write to me or your respective class teacher, should you have any questions.


Pallavi Mishra

Principal at Oakridge International School, Bengaluru