Feedback on Divit’s improvement

Feedback on Divit’s improvement

Swimming Gala was amazing. I felt so happy that I couldn’t express myself by seeing Divit. I missed this event.

In the video, I have seen Divit is swimming without any fear and enjoying a lot. My son is so happy in the class and he shares his feelings daily. After every swimming class, he uses to explain and share his happy feelings with me how he is doing.

This is because of you Udaya. Thanks a lot. Thanks is a small word because you filled confidence in Divit and motivates him a lot.

Earlier 2 years back Divit had a phobia of water and he scares a lot to swim and refuse to go near to water. However, from 1 st  Grade onwards he is enjoying.

Thanks to Udaya and Swimming teacher who filled confidence and fearlessness in my child in all aspects.

Thanks a lot.


Sushma Cirigire

Mother of Divit Sahas Nasari, grade 2