• 19 July 2023

Oakridge International School’s Grade 9 student, Meghana Valluru Raju, has recently completed a prestigious summer internship program at the renowned University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Under the guidance of Dr Matthew Amans, MD, an Inventor, Neuro Interventional Radiologist, and Associate Professor at UCSF, she observed the doctor’s work in the Angio Suite at the UCSF Helen Diller Medical Centre.

During her internship, Meghana had the opportunity to conduct research with esteemed physicians and researchers in the Neuroendovascular Surgery Department, who are responsible for cutting-edge medical device development for brain-related issues. Her dedication and hard work impressed Dr Amans, who praised her, saying, “She did a great job! I am sure she will have a bright future!”

Meghana’s passion for medical science and desire to become a neurosurgeon has earned her the admiration of her academic coordinator, Suchismita Goswami. Goswami stated, “Meghana is a bright and determined student taking proactive steps to build the framework for her future career in ninth grade. I am extremely proud of her.”

Driven by her aspiration to contribute to the healing and well-being of humanity, Meghana says, “I have always been captivated by medicine, and hospital visits during times of illness have inspired me to make a difference. With the unwavering support of my mother and teachers, I took advantage of the highly competitive UCSF summer internship program to gain valuable hands-on experience.”