Ms. Meera Chhabria

Ms. Meera Chhabria

  • 2 May 2021

Ms. Meera has been associated with Oakridge International School from the past 8 years and took up roles of Homeroom Teacher, GLC, and Primary Years Programme Coordinator. She has implemented best practices in the PYP curriculum over the years and during this period, she travelled to the International Baccalaureate HQ, Netherlands, to design, in collaboration, curriculum for GenZ learners and facilitators.

She has contributed to IB Authorization in 2016 as a team lead and led our school through our first Evaluation, which Oakridge championed with 9 commendations! Meera has also attended various IB workshops to enhance skills and professional development. She is passionate about curriculum designing, planning and implementation. In addition, she believes in giving back to society and fostering a sense of responsibility and community in our learners.

Her hobbies include storytelling, gardening and travelling; and as she says, “you can always find me in a classroom full of engrossed children in the middle of a tale or on a journey to explore new places!”

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