Our educators sharing their experiences

Our educators sharing their experiences

The past few months have been a long and rambling series of effective use of technology to ensure students cope with the current situation. This with a caution that, while doing so, we should meet the needs of the learners and must align with learning objectives rather than use it based on our personal whims and fancies. Other than that, use of the flipped classroom has proven to be a good pedagogical practice, making learning easy for students. I am enjoying the virtual teaching with the support and cooperation of parents back home. End of the day when we hear that students like attending VSE2.0, I feel rewarded as a teacher!

Ms. Ratna Gr- 2 Facilitator

The term virtual learning for me meant to be very exciting as it is a unique platform for the learners to explore learning. Initially equalizing and maintaining a constant pace was quite challenging however, with the help our mentors Ms. Lydia and Ms. Manoja, we as a team were able to pull it off with ease. I would like to thank Ms. Padma and Ms. Keerthi for the ideal support during the induction period.

Nikitha, Grade -1 Facilitator

In this Covid-19 scenario, teaching online is a diverse experience because everything is through technology tools. I miss face-to-face interaction with my students and their spontaneous moments. However, the support, training, and material from Oakridge International School has been a motivation. The past few weeks have been both interesting and challenging.

My online learning experience has been different than what I’m used to. In this transition to online classes, the actual workload is on par with face-to-face mode because of the various tasks and activities involved in teaching through gadgets. Here, the teacher and student needs to be ‘Accessible’, ‘Equitable’ ‘Communicative’ ‘Monitorable’ and ‘Sustainable’ which is a great thing to do online. School post for students and parents are quite accessible and all work can be seen by parents, students, and teachers. I am immensely happy with the tools created and provided by our organisation. I am glad and elated to be a part of this online learning. In the end, pedagogy matters.

Ms. Najmus Gr- 6 Facilitator

My experience with all my children in VSE 2.0 is amazing. The challenge that I as a teacher now face is to keep the students in touch with their studies without exposing them to the deadly infection. As we are thankfully living in the technologically advanced world it is possible to meet students virtually from the safety of their homes.

I love to see my students wait for our class to begin. They enjoy every part of our class and interaction over our break time is splendid. I’m pleased to see my students comprehend every bit of what I teach them. Our Teacher and Me Time is very useful where we discuss one on one queries. The advanced OHM features are fabulous where most of my parents have adjusted and have started sharing students’ work. I’m really fortunate to be in our organisation. We learn and grow with the fast running world.

Thank you Oakridge for making me a part this change!

Ms, Swathi Inturi – Early Years Facilitator