Oakridge Codefest 2020: A platform for innovators of tomorrow

Oakridge Codefest 2020: A platform for innovators of tomorrow

Oakridge Codefest is a unique platform that provides budding developers in the schools the opportunity to showcase their immense talents through ideation and implementation of the same by working closely with peers overnight. Their work is assessed by the veterans of the industry who join the event as judges.

Oak Codefest is Bangalore’s only overnight school hackathon. OAKRIDGE Codefest was ideated in 2017 and in 2018, the students made it a reality by successfully organising it. From there on it became bigger and brighter than ever and a tradition for students of Oakridge International School, Bangalore which is lived up very passionately by everyone.

This was the 3rd edition of Oakridge Codefest, which was sponsored by leading names in the industry, Cisco, HGS, IBM, Hacker Earth, Y4PT, Progate and Travel to Learn. The student participation has grown every year since inception. We had about 45-50 registrations in the first year and this year we closed the registrations at 110 from different cities like Hyderabad, Agra, and Delhi. On the final day, 68 students joined the event from 11 schools based out of Hyderabad and Bangalore innovating round the clock for 24 hours.

For Oakridge Codefest this year, we had two categories (Senior and Junior) and five themes to challenge the participants. The themes for the senior category were: Transportation, Data Analytics, security and the Internet Of Things. Game Design was the theme for Juniors to ensure that the younger students who come to the event can enjoy writing code and learn about programming at an early stage.

Participants were judged by veterans from different Domains and Functions based on the following criteria: Feasibility, Problem Statement, Completion, Technology, Idea, and Presentation. “It is marvelous to see these young students working at such ease with complex technologies and trying to solve real-world issues. They are amazing.” Claimed the judges astonished by the young talent.

The senior winning team was from Stonehill International School, Bangalore. The theme that they selected was Transportation. Their idea was to create a platform that will serve as an enhanced travel planner. The platform will plan everything for the user like flight selection, attractions to visit, and allows the user to view all of these on a Liquid Galaxy (an immersive display). Further, the user of the product will be able to take a virtual tour of the places they plan to visit and access reviews and suggestions of them. They plan to use a combinatorics-based mathematical model in conjunction with flight APIs to plot the most efficient routes between cities (minimizing the total distance traveled).

The Junior winning team was from Oakridge International School, Bangalore. The theme they selected was Game design. Their idea was to design a game that is about helping animals by abolishing the poachers trying to kill them. After killing a certain number of poachers, the user can go save the animals. Each animal you save gives a fact about that animal.

Coding has become one of the most common hobbies and interests of school students because it allows them to be able to build anything they can imagine. It helps their creative mind to find an application for all the things they learn in. The future is going to be built through Computer Science, and platforms like OAKRIDGE Codefest hope to help young minds learn more about technology, a field that is changing the world.

We as a school feel that it is very important to teach school students programming, as it lets them apply the logic, maths and much more that they learn at school in a way that can help the real world. Along with this, they think about and attempt to find solutions to real-world problems. As school students make the future of the nation and the world, them being able to think and work with respect to the problems that exist today means that we are working towards a better future.

Speaking on this occasion, School Principal, Ms.Pallavi Mishra said, “The phenomenal success of the 3rd edition of the Oakridge Codefest proves beyond a doubt that this all-night hackathon is a unique platform for students of all age groups to innovate and find solutions for real-life problems through computational thinking. Coding is a must in the school curriculum for students who wish to pursue computer science and also for students who want to understand how technology is shaping the world.

Parents are not just supportive, but like us, they are awestruck by the forward-thinking displayed by our young coders. Coding enables students to first identify a real-life problem in their local context and then find a simple and effective solution that can be applied globally and benefit the society at large. The knowledge of coding not just opens up various career options in the tech world for students, it also allows them to be responsible global citizens solving real-life problems.”