Packets of compassion

July 1, 2020

“To protect, help and feed the needy with humanity is the only religion,” says 13-year-old boy, Yashuayatin. While our students are constantly keeping themselves occupied serving others, Yashuayatin is another compassionate student from Oakridge International School Gachibowli, who is keen to feed the needy and provide rations to as many vulnerable families as possible. We […]


8-year-old extending help to migrant workers

June 19, 2020

As we all know, lakhs of migrant workers across our country are struggling to go back to their homes. Some have lost jobs, some are homeless, and some want food. Thus, a much more humane, sensitive, and caring approach towards these migrant workers and their families is needed today. In the midst of all this, […]


Project HOPE WORLD: Making a difference today

May 29, 2020

We live in uncertain and unsettling times–be it the pandemic or natural disasters happening across the globe. From major fires to droughts and deadly cyclones and earthquakes, we are collectively finding ourselves in difficult situations, and our vision tends to narrow onto the problem and we lose the bigger picture perspective on our lives. In […]


Art for a Nation’s Cause

May 21, 2020

The nationwide lockdown due to pandemic has affected the livelihoods of many. Millions of Indians who rely on daily wages from jobs are running out of money. Migrant workers are finding it difficult to return home and are stranded with no money. Akshita, a grade 6 student from Oakridge International School Bachupally was keen to […]


Masks that Matter

May 8, 2020

Step outside without a face mask these days, and you may well get a disapproving look. With the directive coming from the government for all citizens to wear face masks when stepping out; there was a critical shortage of those at every chemist store and retail shop. Some shops that had stocks available had increased […]


Teaching for a cause

May 1, 2020

While coping with the stay-at-home order, Oakridger Yash, who studies in grade 3 at Oakridge International School Bengaluru came up with this amazing idea to raise money for the underprivileged by taking online classes. He takes virtual classes by charging a minimal amount of fee that goes as a donation towards fighting the uncertainties due […]


Hero for Hungry Strays

April 27, 2020

Shutting down of restaurants, eateries, markets, and all the other public places have completely paused leftovers, which is the primary source of food for hungry strays. The helpless animals inhabiting our streets are on the verge of starvation owing to the nationwide lockdown. 10-year-old Adwitiya, a grade 5 student from Oakridge International School Bachupally, who […]


Boxes of Love – The inspiring story of Oakridge #StudentHero Arjun

April 20, 2020

Our world is going through some challenging times. But it is at these moments that caring for one another becomes most vital, as it is only together that we can survive and win this battle. Students across Oakridge International Schools are doing their bit to help their immediate communities in any little way possible. Their […]


‘Swayamkrushi’: Empowering rural women to be breadwinners

March 3, 2020

Rishi Verma, a grade 10 student from Oakridge International School, Gachibowli, started an initiative called ‘Swayamkrushi’ with an aim to create a secondary source of income for farmer families, who suffer irregular and meagre revenue owing to the unpredictability and seasonality associated with the farming profession. He identified a growing demand for organic village produced […]


From donating books to building a library, Oakridgers spreading the joy of reading with underprivileged kids

January 14, 2020

Education is the supreme right, which should be bestowed upon every child. Unfortunately, we have around 30% of underprivileged children live in India, who are unable to enjoy their rights due to poverty. At Oakridge International School, we develop a generation of leaders who are compassionate and think for society and their betterment. We at […]


An Oakridger’s reflection on reducing single-use plastic

November 5, 2019

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” – Robert Swan With Prime minister Modi declaring 2 Oct as the ban of single-use plastic, Replace Plastic Ideathon was organized wherein corporates, startups, NGOs and students were invited to come up with ideas to replace plastic. Looking for this […]


Oakridgers on a mission to beat plastic pollution in Mohali

November 1, 2019

As per a CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) study done in 2012, India is believed to generate around 26000 tonnes of plastic per day. And the most bitter truth is, over 40% i.e., 10,000 tonnes of plastic waste is left uncollected every day which piles up in our natural environment thus polluting the land and […]


Oakridgers in action to create a better tomorrow

October 1, 2019

60 Oakridge students volunteer for de-weeding the Neknampur lake in Hyderabad and its surroundings Protecting the natural environment is one of our most important responsibilities and each one of us plays a key role to help save the earth. The change-makers of tomorrow from Oakridge, one of the top international schools in Gachibowli recently visited […]


Making Bengaluru Water-Wise

September 13, 2019

Students and staff from Oakridge do their bit for water scarcity at Laxmipura village Globally, water scarcity has become a major issue that needs continuous attention. India is facing the worst water crisis in its history, and 21 Indian cities will run out of groundwater by 2020, a new report from the NITI Aayog said, […]


Splash – Because Every Child Can Paint

August 21, 2019

On 17th August 2019, Oakridge – one of the top international schools in Gachibowli, organized an art activity and dance program for 180 differently-abled children from across the city, to bring joy to them and share what we have with them, in hopes of making their day memorable. Six different schools, ‘Sri Vidhya’s Centre for […]


Doctors get a pleasant surprise from Oakridgers on Doctor’s day

July 8, 2019

Have you ever fallen sick? How did you find a cure? Is it a doctor who prescribed your medicines? Well, we cannot deny the importance of a doctor in our lives. For our good health, there’s a doctor who has taken care of our body since our childhood. They have guided us through what’s bad […]


Young changemakers are in action for a good cause

May 20, 2019

If not now then when? If not you then who? Decide your actions according to what story you want to be written in history. Because it’s all up to you. Around 1,50,000 people are killed each year in traffic accidents, which is about 400 fatalities a day. 2 out of 10 patients die in an […]


Oakridge’s contribution to make India a better place to live wins top position at Behtar India Finale

March 6, 2019

If only every person stops polluting the public places, the roads of India will be so much cleaner. Instead of cribbing about the problems and blame each other, the government and so on, it’s better to change our own habits. If we want to change the world and make India a better place to live, […]


Oakridge students launch ‘Give Way to Ambulance Initiative’ across multiple cities

March 6, 2019

“I was rushing my uncle to the hospital and got stuck in the traffic midway. The traffic congestion was caused by two motorists verbally fighting over whose fault it was and didn’t clear the way even though they heard the ambulance’s siren. Thankfully, some people volunteered and tried clearing the traffic and we made it […]


Mrs. India Shilpa Reddy at CASnival, an event that supports a good cause

casnival at oakridge - an event for good cause

February 28, 2019

CASnival – Where creativity, activity, and service meets fun School carnivals/fundraisers are a hit with students and parents alike. This works as hitting two targets with one arrow. On the one hand, it helps the underprivileged and on the other hand, it helps develop the nature of kindness and compassion in kids. Keeping this in […]


Oakridgers addressing gender inequality by spreading awareness through street play

January 31, 2019

This Republic Day, student artists from Oakridge International School decided to make a difference. The street play staged by Grade 10 students from Oakridge Bengaluru carried out a strong message to audiences on the occasion of Republic Day this year. They hit the streets to challenge the societal pressures and gender inequality on Church Street […]


School students stress the importance of giving way to ambulance when on roads

January 28, 2019

Did you know, around 1,50,000 people are killed each year in traffic accidents, which is about 400 fatalities a day. 2 out of 10 patients die in an ambulance before reaching the hospital in India. More than 50% of heart attack cases reach hospital late. The initial treatment to the patient in the very first […]


Oakridge conducted a free health check-up camp for underprivileged school children

November 13, 2018

A step towards building a better society Camp wellness is one of the many initiatives that Oakridge, known to be the best International Schools in Hyderabad takes up to improve the society and give its students the chance to shine and help others around them. Camp wellness this year was conducted on 10 Nov 2018 […]


Oak explorers mobilize access to drinking water and sanitation services for underprivileged in Indonesia

October 29, 2018

CAS trip to the Island of Bintan – Indonesia Being kind to others is being kind to yourself. Inculcating kindness and gratitude from an early age in a child will help shape their personality as a better person. Teaching children ways to treat things with care helps them develop the understanding of how one feels […]


Oakridgers building classrooms in a rural village near Karjat

October 26, 2018

Supporting the efforts of Habitat for Humanity to rebuild the nation While academic excellence is important, it has been our endeavor at Oakridge International School to create an environment that incubates leadership qualities in our young minds. Preparing our students, for the future involves developing their curiosity, initiative, helping nature in social activities and team […]


Over 450 students came forward to heal the ocean in Visakhapatnam

October 3, 2018

The beach clean-up is a unique opportunity to generate awareness both within the student’s body, parents and the wider public domain to safeguard our seas and oceans for future generations. Oakridge students are committed to creating awareness on limiting human-caused damage to the marine ecosystem, restoring the damaged marine ecosystem and preserving vulnerable species of […]


Oakridgers donate 18649 kgs of used newspaper and lead the race in NDTV Behtar India Initiative

September 26, 2018

The 3rd edition of the summit hosted in Oakridge Hyderabad Oakridge, one of the Top International Schools in Hyderabad won the highest ranking in the NDTV Behtar India’s Newspaper recycling contest leaderboard. This contest brought together hundreds of students from schools across the country as they participated in donating more number of used newspapers for […]


Oakridgers Taking Step Towards the Clean Environment

August 30, 2018

Our environment needs to be protected. Planting a million trees won’t help save our planet until we don’t protect our environment from pollution. It is more of a moral obligation for human beings to protect the environment from pollution that leads to environmental degradation. It’s our responsibility to take care of the environment and make […]


SPLASH 2018: An Artistic Forum for Expression!

August 21, 2018

A CAS Activity for the differently abled Expression is a fundamental right of every child. Keeping this in mind, on the 18th of August, 2018, hundreds of differently abled students from all across best Schools in Hyderabad gathered at Oakridge International School, Newton Campus, Gachibowli for an experience to express their creativity, thoughts, and ideas, and […]


Oakridgers putting garbage to good use for a good cause

August 6, 2018

Recycling is one of the best ways to save our environment. It helps to reduce pollution caused by waste. Because if we recycle the used materials, the new products that are made by extracting raw material from the Earth, through mining and forestry could be preserved. In the process of recycling, used materials are converted […]


410 acts of kindness by Hyderabad kids from Oakridge! #KindnessCalling

April 11, 2018

Kids from Oakridge, one of the best IB Schools in Hyderabad have taken up an initiative called #KindnessCalling, which is going viral each day. Through this initiative, they are inspiring many people on how doing small acts of kindness can make a big difference to the world. Just in a couple of months, they have […]


Hyderabad school kid turns her passion into compassion!

Ananya Polisetthy from Oakridge turns her passion into compassion!

April 7, 2018

We always do what makes us happy, but imagine when your happiness can turn into someone else’s happiness. A 10th-grade student from Oakridge International School Hyderabad, Ananya Polisetty is doing the exact thing. She is a passionate photographer and really loves being creative to produce high standard images. “I’ve always been fascinated with seizing moments […]


Kids are up to something very special, something that can change the world forever!

March 2, 2018

One early morning, Srihitha realized that of all the basic necessities in life, food stands topmost. The feeling of hunger can drive people insane and make them weak both physically and mentally. It is then she decided, she wanted to do something that can at least take away this feeling of hunger from the world, […]


An attitude of gratitude by little tots of Oakridge!

An attitude of gratitude by little tots of Oakridge!

February 21, 2018

Oakridgers thanking the Sub-Staff Members What else could be a better way to be thankful, than to spend your time with someone who helps you get through your day smoothly. To show their ‘Attitude for Gratitude’, the class parent representatives and volunteers worked in collaboration with the teachers and students to thank the sub-staff and […]


Oakridgers of Grade 1 on a rally to ‘Save the Earth’

Rally to Save the Earth by Grade 1 Children

February 14, 2018

Grade 1 Oakridgers had their Unit on “How the World Works”. At the end of the unit, they exhibited their Research projects as a Gallery Walk. Children went out on a Rally around the school campus as a part of ‘Action taken’. Preparations began much ahead with children understanding the problems facing the earth, and […]


Oakridge students lead by example in reducing food wastage

Oakridge students lead by example in reducing food wastage

January 10, 2018

Oakridge, one of the best Schools in Chandigarh adopted an initiative to reduce food loss in order to make a difference to the society and has successively recorded 0% food wastage for two weeks at its campus. This one-of-its-kind initiative was taken by the principled learners of Oakridge who think actions always speak better than […]


Oakridgers extended kindness to the underprivileged kids on the occasion of Children’s Day

Oakridgers extended kindness to the underprivileged kids

December 8, 2017

Inculcating the habit of sharing and joy of giving in the new generation, Oakridge International School celebrated November as a ‘Kindness Month‘ making huge strides towards building a kinder world. During this entire month, students get involved in random acts of kindness. This year, the kindness month celebration encouraged the little souls of Oakridge to […]


Creating a culture of compassion and kindness for students

Creating a culture of compassion and kindness for students

November 22, 2017

We all know that children learn what they see. To raise our children as caring kids, it is important to teach them compassion and kindness. There are many people today live with no shelter, no food, no sanitation, no money and lack of education. A little act of our kindness can change their lives. Keeping […]


Happiness revisted – Cast Out but not Cast Away

Happiness revisted - Cast Out but not Cast Away

February 16, 2017

CAST OUT BUT NOT CAST AWAY. Few people gleefully anticipate the task of caring for an aging parent. Little do they know that they are sooner or later reaching that stage in their own lives. Thank God for homes that care for such abandoned elders. Oakridge, one of the top CBSE Schools in Hyderabad students having […]


Habitat for Humanity – @ Karjat

Habitat for Humanity - @ Karjat

December 23, 2016

The day had begun with a rush to get to the airplane on time; from long check-in lines and security lines early in the morning in our half-dazed, still sleepy state of mind. We had a pretty smooth flight journey, and we reached the airport. We were welcomed into Mumbai under the sweltering, scorching heat […]


Ocean Conservation Conference – 2016


October 31, 2016

Oakridge, one of the best boarding schools in Visakhapatnam hosted a 3 -day student conference on Ocean Conservation from Nov 10th to 12th 2016, in their Tagarapuvalasa campus, in association with the Dolphin Nature Conservation Society, Visakhapatnam. Students of Grades 6th to 11th attended this conference and listened to thought-provoking speeches by Dr.G.T.Vijay Kumar – […]