Oakridge, Bachupally CAS Initiative (Pen Down Your Thoughts)

Oakridge, Bachupally CAS Initiative (Pen Down Your Thoughts)

Young minds, bubbling with energy to achieve their dreams, and at the same time, are softened with feelings of kindness, compassion and most importantly an optimistic vision of life in the most trying circumstances. Cheers to them, as the world looks safe in their hands.

Our students Krishna Sahasra, grade 9 and Lohita of grade 12 have given language to their compassionate thoughts in the form of poetry. Read their reflections to understand their heart-warming thoughts.

In a world mixed with solace and sorrow

We all tend to only see the sorrow

Maybe because we publicize

the negatives more and push away the positives

Why do we do this?

We must all learn to spread happiness

We must learn to show kindness

It not only has an impact on an other person

it changes you as an individual and makes world a better place to live

Nothing goes wrong when you don’t expect anything in return and just give

We all are living beings, we all have the same body and blood

During hard ship, we must be present for others and lend them a hand

We must care because we share a common land.

We must walk together in this road of life and stick together during any situation and never give up

If we fall then together we must stand up

Spread a little kindness wherever you go

Let the love and care from your heart gently flow

Student Reflection – Everyone around is our family, they have the same feelings and emotions, I always place myself in their shoes and imagine what pain they go through when they are not stable to face the challenges. I would always think “If I was in there position…”, What would make me feel better and give me strength?” I get my answer and I do the same to make give them support. We must be there for each other. It is just one world. We are all the same. Who will be there for us other than us. Lohita 

Kindness Seen everyday, yet immensely overlooked.

An ideal part of society, yet shunned and cast away.

Valued by everybody, but only found in a few.

So that begs the question: Is there a definition that is known to be true?

Some may say that there is,

That it means unconditional patience and love,

That it means being that way in everything that you do

But I know better, that it’s quite the opposite.


Kindness is not a mannerism or a behavior that can be explained.

It’s something that springs from the soul,

Something that deigns to be true to you.

It comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes,

And means something different to each and every one,

\Revealing itself in different forms, and in different ways.

And it may not come in the form that you expected,

But it will come in the form that you needed.

Student Reflection – This activity was very interesting and helped me to explore my thoughts productively. I enjoyed it a lot because it helped me build on my poetry skills and captured my attention, which is why I had chosen to do it. It’s a unique way of letting us explore different themes and forms of writing without increasing the pressure.

The topics were also relevant to things happening in today’s world, with the COVID and the violence going on. Krishna Sahasra