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Super Starters Programme
Missed out on the previous admission cycle? It’s not too late!

Whether weighing options for your child’s early education or preparing your child for a relocation, we understand that a missed education year at any age is difficult to make up for; fortunately, we can make the difference in your child’s education in one year! Socially, psychologically and educationally; your child will thrive with us quickly.

About Super Starters Programme

We know the difference that great teaching can make to your child’s learning. Your child’s educational goals matter, and nothing about the unprecedented situations— from relocations or missed out school admission deadlines—should hold you back. To that end, we have now begun a new and enriching academic programme for all the grades. This exclusive programme at Oakridge International School, Bengaluru starts on 1st September, 2020.

    What to expect for the Super Starters?
  • Pre-join learning, including access to video tutorials and a work programme
  • Blended learning: a seamless and integrated use of face-to-face and online teaching and learning—so learning continues, and students stay safe
  • Day One Welcome and Social activities
  • Week One Induction and Orientation activities
  • Exclusive Coffee Mornings for parents
  • Collaborative monthly discussions about child’s progress
  • Parent one-on-one with Principal, class teacher, and coordinator
  • Buddy system
We create experience through virtual schooling

It’s just not about delivering online learning but it’s more about holistic development of every student through balanced learning. At Oakridge, Virtual Schooling is an enhanced experience by engaging with not only the students but also with their parents.

Balanced Timetable – Synchronous, Asynchronous & Blended learning methodology

Our EYP/PYP Timetables are designed to create a perfect balance between on-screen learning i.e. synchronous content delivery and off-screen learning i.e. asynchronous content delivery integrated with blended learning that includes Physical Education, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts to strike a balance in learning.

School Attendance during our virtual schooling reflects the elevated interests of our students in continued learning process.

Learning to Learn week

Our young learners have embraced the virtual school experience with a renewed zest. To ensure smooth induction of our new students, we have learning to learn weeks, which includes

  • Array of riveting activities designed by teachers to help break the ice.
  • Promoting the spirit of team building and nourish fellowship.
  • Assigning buddies to invigorate the learning process and to make collaboration easy and effective.
  • Engaging and informative sessions conducted on using virtual tools and Edmodo.
  • Session on Performing Arts for students to acquire clarity in consciously and carefully choosing their creative pursuit.
  • Induction of learners to the newly designed routine of synchronous, asynchronous and blended learning in order to get them acquainted with a holistic learning experience using virtual medium.
What Parents say about Virtual School Experience
What makes this programme ideal for your child?
Academic excellence
We pride ourselves on a strong record of examination success in various curricula.

Global opportunities
Connecting your child to over 64,000 students across the world, where they collaborate, compete, travel and access unique supplementary programmes.
Learn from the finest teachers
Our rigorous recruitment process allows us to select excellent teachers, with experience and expertise to help your child love learning.
Discover lifelong passions
We believe in nurturing self-reliance, perseverance, and leadership skills in our students, so they hone lifelong skills and passions to try new things.

Make a difference to your child’s education today, and give them the opportunity to ignite the spark of genius.

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