Young changemakers are in action for a good cause

Young changemakers are in action for a good cause

If not now then when?
If not you then who?

Decide your actions according to what story you want to be written in history. Because it’s all up to you.

Around 1,50,000 people are killed each year in traffic accidents, which is about 400 fatalities a day. 2 out of 10 patients die in an ambulance before reaching the hospital in India. More than 50% of heart attack cases reach the hospital late. The initial treatment to the patient in the very first hour also referred to ‘Golden Hour’ is very critical.

The young students of Oakridge, one of the top International Schools in Visakhapatnam are already up for a change for the good. They have already started making a difference in society. With the superhit initiative by Oakridgers – Give Way to Ambulance, these students came up with innovative ideas to educate people about the importance of this initiative and how being a little responsible on the roads can save the lives of many.

top International Schools in Visakhapatnam

Connecting their studies with the real-world today, students have come forward to sensitize people about the best way to use the automobiles. The students of OAKRIDGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, VISAKHAPATNAM went to the Beach Road and explained people about the best way to use the automobiles as well as the ways of using renewable resources.

student's initiative

With their innovative thinking skills, these students presented a flash mob to pull the attention of the passer-by. They explained how various countries use eco-friendly automobiles and renewable resources that help reduce the usage of non-renewable resources and protect our nature from destruction.

Community service

Followed by the educative and informational flash mob, the students of Vizag took a procession on the road to spread the awareness. With research and inquiry, they came up with some slogans that they repeatedly used to spread the word.

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