Student Travel Diaries – A trip to the beautiful Belgium & Netherlands

Student Travel Diaries – A trip to the beautiful Belgium & Netherlands

Oakridger Hargun recently took the trip across Belgium and Netherlands and was so inspired by the grandeur that she sat down putting this beautiful travel log together.

Belgium is a small nation with a plethora of world history in it. The five-day school trip to Belgium and Netherlands was enriching for us as it has millions of beautiful sites to keep us busy. Following a morning pick up from our destination The Gresham Belson Hotel Brussels, meeting our tour guide Frank to the whole day journey across the city of Brussels, I found it among the most beautiful places in Belgium.

Within Belgium, we traveled through various tourist destinations whose beauty was beyond our expectations. We learned the diverse history of Belgium and had a chance to understand the story behind each destination we visited as our tour guide provided us deeper information of each place. The country’s second largest city, Antwerp was our first traveling destination. We discovered that this place is known for its popularity as one of the best shopping location which offers the extraordinary variety of food and delicacies. Then we went to the ‘Roman Catholic Church’, in front of which there was a huge statue. The statue was actually a man who had killed the devil, who would cut people’s hands if they did not pay their taxes on time. We encountered a museum beside the church with lush paintings such as ‘The Elevation of the Cross and The Descent of the Cross.’ A few other destinations like ‘Nello and Patrasche Statue’ and ‘Het Steen Castle’ captured our attention for hours.

On the next day, while exploring the bustling city, we reached Comic Strip Factory (CSF). On the way to the CSF, we observed places like the European Parliament Brussels, Palace of the King and St. Michael Church as well. In the evening, we arrived at the Euro Space Centre (ESC) where we stayed for two days and had many briefing sessions. As we were exploring the Euro Space Centre, we learned the job roles and various factors of Rocket Launch Simulation. We also played such job roles during the briefing and participated in various activities which enlightened us on everything about an ideal Rocket Launch. We had a great time while experiencing the ‘Moonwalk’, in which we visualized a walk on the moon. We had a session on ‘Life in Space’ as we were guided on how astronauts do their daily chores such as sleeping, brushing, drinking and performing other activities in space. Then, we headed towards planetarium where we also learned about the universe including the stars and constellations.

On the last day of our trip, we went to the Mini Europe, a miniature representation of Europe itself. It had the small form of all monuments like the Leaning Towers of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, etc. We saw the famous landmark of Belgium, “The Atomium”. We completely soaked up in Belgium’s colourful and exuberant atmosphere while crossing over the ornate facades and wonderful Dutch style buildings as were exploring through the canal cruise. Overall, the entire experience of the trip to Belgium and Netherlands was unforgettable and satisfied my travel interests.

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