Six traits of good learner that a student can inculcate!

Six traits of good learner that a student can inculcate!

We are students throughout our life. Yet some of us learn better compared to others, and some of us possess qualities, which makes us better in our ability to learn effectively.

Here are six traits of a good learner:

1) School Attendance:

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A good learner never misses even one school day. One school day missed could result in at least 10 concepts missed, which results in huge learning gaps. With continued absence, the conceptual void continues to widen the knowledge gap, leading to, lack of interest, perceived learning disability and emotional difficulties.

2) Time-management Skills:

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A good learner considers time as the most valuable resource. Good learners follow a timetable; they seldom break their routine. A good study timetable has time for finishing homework, self-study and revision. Without internalising the concepts taught, no learning takes place. Good learners reward themselves with a treat of leisure time over the weekend when they achieve their learning goals for the week.

3) Positive Attitude and Self Confidence:

 positive attitude

A good learner cultivates a growth mindset. Positive attitude brings positive results in learning. Self confidence is the self-belief in one’s own capabilities to do better in the future. Effective learning strategies and smart work could bring better results in the future.

4) Organisational Skills:


A good learner is much organised. Students work with multiple resources like time, resource people, books, etc. Organising and managing all resources needs discipline and persistent effort. Filing of worksheets, loose notes and keeping them organised for effective retrieval aids better learning. Effectively using resource people to clarify doubts is also an important skill.

5) Mindfulness:


Good learners devote their whole senses to the one task at any given time. Practicing mindfulness during study time helps decrease distraction and improve effectiveness in understanding and retention. Mindfulness can reduce stress by improving positivity and happiness, resulting in better learning.

6) Thinkers and Inquirers:

 organizational skills

Good learners train themselves to think logically, ethically, creatively, critically and reflectively. They are always curious and never shy away from asking questions. Good learners always assimilate information and make up their own understanding of concepts, events and happenings. Good learners have an opinion of their own, which they are ready to change once convinced by the explanation of others.

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