A fund raising campaign by Oakridgers

A fund raising campaign by Oakridgers

Our Oakridgers are truly exceptional in their dedication towards service to humanity and that is why, Oakridge International School, Vizag collaborated with Rupee for Change Campaign by Habitat India to encourage them and support a humane cause.

Rupee for Change Campaign encourages advocacy, volunteer and fund raising activities to raise money to build homes and sanitation units for low-income families. Together with the help of Habitat India, schools aim to help in building homes and sanitation units for low-income families.

Millard Fuller and his wife Linda Fuller founded Habitat for Humanity International in the year 1976, in Americus, Georgia, USA. Our Indian Government launched this Habitat for Humanity Campaign under Swachh Bharat to build 1-lakh toilets in next year. Habitat’s focus hence is to look after school sanitation and hygiene, build individual toilets/community toilets, ensure access to clean drinking water and launch behavior change programs.

Oakridge, one of the top boarding schools in India endeavors to contribute by raising funds and to create an environment that incubates leadership qualities in our young minds and preparing our students for the future by developing their curiosity and inculcating a sense of taking initiative in social activities.

Our Oakridgers like always supported this cause whole-heartedly. Grade 1-5 Oakridgers utilized this campaign to raise a hefty sum of Rs. 53,000 towards One Rupee Fund Campaign of 2016-17 for poor kids educational and sanitation needs.

Oakridgers Athrithi, Koushik, Sree Chandra were also awarded Gold, Silver and a Bronze medal for highest collection of funds for Habitat.

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