Oakridgers extended kindness to the underprivileged kids on the occasion of Children’s Day

Oakridgers extended kindness to the underprivileged kids on the occasion of Children’s Day

Inculcating the habit of sharing and joy of giving in the new generation, Oakridge International School celebrated November as a ‘Kindness Month‘ making huge strides towards building a kinder world. During this entire month, students get involved in random acts of kindness.

Kindness Month at Oakridge

This year, the kindness month celebration encouraged the little souls of Oakridge to take the Children’s Day as an opportunity to show their care about others. Around 762 Oakridgers visited over 15 different government schools across the city for the ‘Bag Distribution’ to support the underprivileged children of the rural segment. The bag had biscuits, munchies, and stationary including pencil box, notebooks, etc. The discipline of the children they show along with their level of enthusiasm and excitement for this act was amazing.

Oakridge to take the Children’s Day as an opportunity

These children also taught science to the students using Science kits with immense happiness. They were delighted in showing their dance moves as well as speaking and recitation during their visit. Such an activity helps the children to reflect and brainstorm on what it means to give, share, and volunteer as responsible members of society.

“Kids who learn kindness and compassion at an early age tend to be happier and successful adults. To stroke these vital values, Oakridge celebrated November as Kindness month. It was heartening to see that even the little Oakridgers took an initiative to show their kindness. They distributed ‘Happy Bags’ with loads of goodies to the underprivileged children on the occasion of Children’s Day. It was a spellbound moment for the school” said Amit Jain, Director of Oakridge International School Visakhapatnam.

Ms. Lydia Christina, Headmistress of Oakridge International School Visakhapatnam added, “Most of us reward a child who does or reflect a kind act which is for sure a good practice. More than just rewarding, if schools can create a community of individuals who demonstrate compassion in everything they do and inspire children to imbibe moral values only then children would be motivated to act on their natural proclivity for altruism.” She also expressed her happiness and said “Compassion is a part of the curriculum and the Kindness Carnival was a platform where each and every child got a chance to reflect what “KINDNESS” means to them”.

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