Over 450 students came forward to heal the ocean in Visakhapatnam

Over 450 students came forward to heal the ocean in Visakhapatnam

The beach clean-up is a unique opportunity to generate awareness both within the student’s body, parents and the wider public domain to safeguard our seas and oceans for future generations. Oakridge students are committed to creating awareness on limiting human-caused damage to the marine ecosystem, restoring the damaged marine ecosystem and preserving vulnerable species of the marine life.

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In this regard, Oakridge, one of the best CBSE schools in Visakhapatnam, in association with International Ocean Conservancy, USA and Indian Maritime Foundation, Chennai, organized 3rd Beach Clean-up activity 2018, stated the event with two mime performances by students on human pollution, marine threat etc., which causes the deaths of innocent sea animals of Oceans. Later, students and staff walked as procession till Pandurangapuram Beach Road and beach cleaning activity in R.K.Beach, Visakhapatnam, on 29th Sept 2018, on behalf of International Coastal Clean-up Day- 15th Sept 2018.

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It’s a part of the “Save Our Beaches and Oceans” initiative of Oakridge students. This year, the International Beach Clean-up Day, witness participation of not only the Oakridge students but also staff and parents, who have participated actively. Sri Dr. Hemanth, Chief Medical and Health Officer of GVMC, Visakhapatnam, as a Chief Guest, he has encouraged with his few inspirational words, addressed the participants to join hands in Swacch Manch, initiated by our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a mission a people’s movement and achieve a Clean India by 2019. Dr Hemanth was also assured to support Oakridge in all their cleanliness activities and workshops of the future.

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Mr.Biju Baby, Principal of Oakridge, no.1 Day and Residential School in Visakhapatnam has explained the students and staff with safety measures to be taken in the beach, the reason for beach clean-up activity and effects of global warming. Around 450 students and 70 Oakridge staff, 30 parents have participated in the global cause activity successfully.

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