Educational trip to Pune – Enriching the learning experience of Oakridgers

Educational trip to Pune – Enriching the learning experience of Oakridgers

With many attractions in Pune, the place is not just a renowned industrial and educational hub but also an ideal place for the educational trip and amidst an array of places from which a lot can be learned. This place has many names such as Queen of the Deccan, Oxford of the East, and cultural capital of Maharashtra that promises to be as interesting as its history. Home to the legendary Raja Shivaji, the city has centuries of old history and is marked by magnificent land and forts.

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                                                                                              National Defence Academy

Oakridge, one of the best CBSE Schools in Visakhapatnam got an opportunity to experience and witness both the past and present ‘in real’ of what they read through their books or what they should know about India. One such place is the National Defence Academy of Pune. The visit to NDA was purely motivational in nature. Students observed a lot of disciplinary instructions and procedures followed by the cadets, military sector where the secured missiles are protected, the physical activity areas of Defence trainee officers, Cadet Mess, Museum of NDA and more. They got a chance to see an Austrian Aircraft – HK 36TC Super Dimona, a twin seater single engine powered sailplane and learn about it by a Lieutenant. A 30-minute documentary on NDA was also played wherein the students watched and learned various things like discipline, time management, dedication on physical training, mental strength, achievement of goals in life, maintaining team unity and motivating teammates.

Agha Khan Palace - Gandhi's Movement

                                                                                      Mrs. Neela Mahanand Speaking

Agha Khan Palace is another attraction of Pune and a part of their trip where they met a 78-year-old lady, Mrs. Neela Mahanand, who was a part of Gandhi’s movement. She shared many stories on the Gandhi movement as well the struggle and last days of Mrs. Kasturba Gandhi, wife of Mahatma Gandhi. Students visited the tombs of Mrs. Gandhi and Mr.M.K.Gandhi’s where ashes were settled.

Science laboratory and Honey bee research center

                                                                                           Honey Bee Research Center

After the learning of history, they were taken to a Science laboratory and Honey bee research center for some real subject learning. They had fun-oriented practical demo sessions on Physics and Chemistry at the laboratory as well as learned the process of how bees make honey at the research center. Then the students headed to Green Tokri farms which amidst the picturesque foothills of the Sahayadris on the outskirts of Pune. They not only got the chance to meet Mr. Mark, the founder of the farm but also observed the process of farming as well as learned how to stay healthy by eating healthy, the benefits of including raw vegetables into the diet and some recipes like salads, homemade sauces, etc.

Educational Excursion Visit to Wax museum

                                                                                                             Wax museum

Then there was a time when the trip added a tinge of fun. Students visited the shopping mall and it was great to see when they chose to take gifts for their parents and siblings instead of themselves. The itinerary also had Wax museum and Adlabs Imagica Amusement Park on the list. They enjoyed clicking pictures in the Wax museum with their favourite freedom fighters, politicians, film and sports stars and singers, as they look so natural and real.

Educational Excursion Fun at Adlabs Imagica

                                                                                                          Adlabs Imagica

An instant smile came on when the kids were taken to the Adlabs Imagica. The students are still talking about the amazing experience of their Nest Coaster ride, caves visit, roller coaster, Mr.India, China Wall ride and more. Overall, the trip was a great learning for all our students, as well as staff, which would be a remarkable and everlasting memory for Oakridgers of Visakhapatnam campus.

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    Good exposure to students in different scientific fields to build up their brains.

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