3 significant reasons why ‘Leadership Winter Camp’ is great for your children

3 significant reasons why ‘Leadership Winter Camp’ is great for your children

We have already approached in the months of winter and we can witness a lot of camps in action. It’s always amazing to see just how many students have a great time with their camp experiences. However, it’s the benefits and the outcomes; the stories of the positive impact that really stand out.

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Risk and adventure are a vital part of growing up hence for the children. It’s only through being active and experience the real-life jump, swing, climb, and run, children would learn what their bodies are capable of and is also important to their long-term health. Oakridge, known to be one of the best CBSE Schools in Visakhapatnam once again brings the one-of-its-kind ‘Leadership Winter Camp’ for your children. This is an opportunity for children to come out of their comfort zones in this winter holiday and enhance their mental and physical capabilities.

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At the Leadership Winter Camp, children will get an opportunity to try their skills in various adventurous activities such as rappelling, body and water zorbing, flying fox, jumaring, kayaking, free-fall, night camp tent pitching, bonfire, team building activities, hot air ballooning, commando obstacles and more.

Here are the top 3 benefits of Leadership Winter Camp for your children:

1. Students will get an exposure to adventure and camping increasing their physical and mental capabilities.

2. Students will get an open learning podium that would help them develop skills like leadership, teamwork, togetherness, cooperation, creativity, self-confidence etc.

3. Students will also be able to develop self-decision making and willpower skills.

body and water zorbing

The above-mentioned activities offered at camp makes it easy for kids to discover themselves and benefits the child. If you are interested in providing your child with an extra helping of appropriate risk and adventure then learn more about the Leadership Winter Camp (for students of Grade 4-8).


  1. Haarika says:

    Can kids not studying at your school can enroll in the winter camp?

    1. Preeti Sahu says:

      Dear Harika,

      Yes. Non-Oakridgers students can also participate in this leadership winter camp. However, due to unprecedented cold waves this year, the outdoor camp is not possible and hence the school has decided to cancel the camp.

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