Open day, an experience of transformational learning at Oakridge International Schools

Open day, an experience of transformational learning at Oakridge International Schools

Oakridge International Schools in Mohali, Visakhapatnam, and Bengaluru witnessed a throng for ‘Open Day’, which was organized on the 14th December 2019. The citizenry of these respective locals visited our schools to experience the transformational learning that we provide to our students, as the doors were open to the general public. On this day, Oakridgers from all grades showcased their learnings and engaged these visitors through interactive displays, programs, and workshops. This provided parents and visitors an opportunity to explore the school and become a part of the school’s transformative learning methodology.

At Visakhapatnam, the ‘Open Day’ witnessed around 2000 visitors with around 381 internal parents and 19 external visitors, each bringing around 4 visitors along with them. Oakridgers, gaining from the unique partnerships with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and UNICEF, who worked on the MIT STEAM challenge. They showcased their projects and engaged visitors with various open-ended problems. Further, students, working on NAE Global Campus challenges evangelized UN Convention on the Right of the Child (UNCRC) and UN sustainable development goals.

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They demonstrated how gamification of learning has helped to learn without pressure and stress. Visitors, as they went across the school, noted that each subject room had various age groups demonstrating their approach to a subject with clarity of pedagogical practices in the school. Parents had an opportunity to see children performing singing, dance, drama, and music learned at school. The pre-primary students showcased their style of learning through fun and games. The school at Visakhapatnam has a unique science park in a landscaped garden with various exhibits displaying principles of Physics. Students enthusiastically demonstrated the science park exhibits to the visitors.

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At Bengaluru, students showcased some of the best teaching-learning practices across PYP, MYP, and DP, to give the visitors of around 229 families, a peek into what an IB classroom looks like. They truly baffled the guests with their confidence and subject knowledge. To top it off, the day culminated with a grand showcase of the cultural talents. This apart the performances put up by the parents of Oakridge with their little ones, portraying the collaboration that Oakridge sternly believes in, therefore, making the event an even bigger success.

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At Mohali, the event observed more than 650 families for the Open Day; interacted with the students and involved themselves in the open learning labs. While our primary students choose topics like Gender inequality, Education for all, Animal Extinction, Overuse of Technology, Food wastage, Plastic pollution, Water pollution, and Climate Change; showcased their learning of various science and social science concepts, involved in teaching parents about a healthy lifestyle and the students created their health report cards giving their parents grades on how well managed their routine is.

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The Secondary students engrossed the visitors with language exhibition. They organized various interesting activities for parents to engage them in playful manners in different languages including French, Hindi, English, Social Science, Mathematics, and Science. The visitors witnessed how the students in our school learn language and literature with visual, auditory and kinesthetic aids. Project-based learning was showcased, which allows students to have an authentic learning experience that has a significant impact on their personal lives. “Learning by doing” is another effective methodology in the teaching-learning process as the experience gained meticulously, remains permanently affixed in the minds of the children which the young Oakridgers had playfully explained to the visitors. A science exhibition was also organized wherein students showcased static and working models which can be used for learning various scientific concepts for children of the age group 13-18 years. The objective was to inculcate a scientific attitude and research-mindedness so that the students can experience Transformational Learning.

Transformational Learning

This event was not only organized for the visitors to experience the offerings at Oakridge International Schools but also is an authentic process for our students to explore, document and share their understanding about their learning journey. Stay tuned for more updates on Open Day held at Gachibowli and Bachupally schools.

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