Soch : Our thinking defines us

Soch : Our thinking defines us

Scintillating showcase of world-class education at the Founder’s Day Celebration of Oakridge International School, Mohali

Oakridge, one of the best International Schools in Chandigarh, Mohali campus wore a festive air as the school celebrated it 5th Founder’s Day to commemorate 5 glorious years of delivering world class International curriculum in the Tricity and the state of Punjab on 4 December. The theme was reflective of the deep need in the current context of developing a thinking and reflective society. Soch: Our thinking defines us was the theme and the confident communicators of Oakridge showcased the adaptation of ‘The Blue Umbrella’ by Ruskin Bond and the adaptation of a Japanese Folktale,’ The Mountain that ate People’.

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The children showcased the conflict of human emotions and thoughts and how good thinking can lead to a better community. They also took up the issue of respecting and honoring the old and elderly. The confidence of the children was appreciated by one and all. The joy and spirited manner in which the children of the Early Years put up the performances were a joy to watch. It reflected the ethos and vision of the School where each moment is spent in joyful learning and nurturing knowledgeable, caring, confident, open-minded and balanced children.

Performances at Soch, Foudners' Day

The visionary founders of the school graced the occasion. The visionaries who are taking the school forward graced the occasion. Mr. Shomie Das, Chairman People Combine Educational Initiatives, a legendary educationist who has worked as Principal Mayo College Ajmer, Headmaster of Lawrence School Sanawar and Headmaster The Doon School. He complimented the school for grooming children for the 21 st Century but ensuring that they are curious, compassionate, communicators and above all inquirers.

Mr. Nagaprasad Tummala, Chairman People Combine group

                                                          Mr. Nagaprasad Tummala, Chairman People Combine group

Mr. Nagaprasad Tummala, Chairman People Combine group and the Founder of the school appreciated the show presented by the children and highlighted how Oakridge Mohali has become a leading school in the region by ensuring that the new age pedagogy is adopted.

The Chief Guest, Padma Shri Dr. Amod Gupta highlighted the fact that even in premier institutes like the PGI, the doctors who come are lacking in curiosity as in traditional schools this is not highlighted. He appreciated Oakridge International School Mohali for encouraging the holistic learning and building up their ability to question and thus have deeper learning.

Principal, Mrs. Ramanjit Ghuman

                                                                                        Principal, Mrs. Ramanjit Ghuman

The Principal’s Annual Report highlighted the achievement of the students is it in academics or in sports. Children are achieving National level positions in various spheres. The Art exhibition on the sidelines also was a big attraction as the creative work of the students was highlighted. It exhibited the beautifully painted canvases that revealed, the true art- an assortment of hued emotions.

The cultural evening started with the blessings of the Goddess Saraswati followed by a live band performance. The programme took a shift at the onset of a Mime show that made the invisible visible. The young thinkers displayed their concern to protect and strengthen their surroundings. This silent piece of art kindled a sense of responsibility into the heart of every individual seated there.

The entire programme was a treat to witness and reflect.

The Principal, Mrs. Ramanjit Ghuman, said that the school believes in holistic learning and is a trailblazer in implementing the International curriculum. It is mega-events such as these that serve as platforms for children to showcase their talents. The programme was entertaining but it also helped the children to pick up current themes and issues, reflect on these and look at possible solutions.

The event culminated with a heartfelt gratitude, expressed by Ms. Ramanjit Ghuman, Principal, OISM, and the acknowledgment of each and every being, involved in the rise this event to such great heights.

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