Oakridge students lead by example in reducing food wastage

Oakridge students lead by example in reducing food wastage

Oakridge, one of the best Schools in Chandigarh adopted an initiative to reduce food loss in order to make a difference to the society and has successively recorded 0% food wastage for two weeks at its campus. This one-of-its-kind initiative was taken by the principled learners of Oakridge who think actions always speak better than words. Aimed at minimizing food wastage at their campus, these young changemakers have done a tremendous job in taking this applaudable initiative and collected the packed food for donating to an Orphanage which uncovered their innate nature of clemency.

zero percent food wastage
According to United Nations development programme, about 40% of food produced in India is wasted, where around 190.7 million people in India are undernourished as per FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) 2017 report. Under such scenario, food wastage is one of the severe threats to the growth of our nation. Being compassionate learners the inspiring students of Oakridge, understood that everything begins from within and hence they decided to initiate the practice of zero percent food wastage right from their campus.

Best schools in Chandigarh

Students and staff together took a vow to monitor the wastage around the campus right from classrooms to school cafeteria to reduce the everyday food wastage to zero percent. The senior students also campaigned across the campus for the same. Each of them who took meals from the school cafeteria contributed a meal for the cause. All contributions were donated to Prabhasra- an orphanage for the underprivileged.

donating food to an orphanage
We at Oakridge believe that food is a shared resource and we would like our children to appreciate the value and effort that goes into bringing the food from the farm to the table,” said Ms. Ramanjit Ghuman, Principal of Oakridge Mohali. “Wastage of food implies wastage of resources at every level. We also want to sensitize the children to the fact that while on one hand there is hunger and poverty all around and many children around the world are suffering due to lack of food but on the other hand so much food lands up in the waste bin. We want to make a change in the circle of our influence and we want our children to be empowered to feel that they can be the change makers, no effort ever goes waste. We look at sustaining this movement and taking this into the community in coming time.”

Preeti Sahu

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    What is the fees structure FOR the IB Diploma Program?

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      Hi Aryan,

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    Excellent students made in oakridge

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