“Mom I don’t want to grow up”

“Mom I don’t want to grow up”

The session is ending and teacher’s are preparing the kids to move on to next class. My daughter Mannat is in PP2. Yesterday she came to me and said, “Mom I don’t want to grow up”. I was confused and asked her the reason. She said, ” Mom I want to stay with Ms. Arti in her class”. Her reply made me think how much love she gets in her classroom and how connected she is with her teacher that she doesn’t want to move on.

At times she takes her teacher’s class room strategies home and implement it. She has created a checklist for herself at home and at the end of the day she rate herself and ask for rewards (like star, sticker, etc.)

I really want to thank Ms.Arti and Ms.Preeti for their efforts. I have seen a lot of positive change in Mannat and I am glad that she got wonderful teachers.
Thanks Oakridge.

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